Winter has officially arrived and one of Richmond’s favourites The Ugly Duckling has revamped its repertoire of cocktails to warm up these cold nights.

The bar’s new menu features an entire section dedicated to the ‘Fourth Course’, a list of cocktails inspired by traditional winter desserts such as poached pear, apple crumble and spiced pumpkin pie. With another list devoted to classic cocktails such as ‘Black Negroni’, ‘Hot Chocolate Blazer’ and ‘Mulled Wine Cuppa’, each with deeper, darker and fuller flavours more attuned to the winter weather.

And, for those who loved the previous cocktail list, the bar will be holding onto a few favourites which will be nestled in beside the sophisticated pours of the menu’s newest additions.

Behind this complex list of carefully curated cocktails is head barman, Nick Selvadurai, whose inspiration stemmed from “the flavours and aromas of the winter season that warm the senses”. Nick boasts an impressive list of accolades including the 2015 Asia Pacific Belvedere Cocktail Challenge Champion and most recently, taking out first prize at the Parlez Vous Chartreuse cocktail competition in May this year.

The new range of cocktails will be available to the public from next Wednesday onwards.

The Ugly Duckling
238 Swan Street, Richmond VIC 3121 

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