If you’ve never heard of Nudestix, then it’s about time you do! The brand is an innovative take on beauty products that work fantastically and are easy to use because they’re all in a stick format. Nudestix will revolutionise your beauty regime (trust me I use the lip & cheek pencils all the time!). Recently, Nudestix co-founder Taylor Frankel visited Australia and we were lucky to catch up with her to talk everything Nudestix!

Taylor Frankel, Nudestix Co-founder

Taylor Frankel, Nudestix Co-founder

Nudestix works on the premise of enhancing your natural look with a range of easy to use products that all come in a stick format. It’s such a great idea and it’s perfect for those looking for simple and easy products to use. What is the story behind how the brand started? 

Nudestix was co-founded/created by myself, my mom (Jenny) and my sister (Ally). My mother Jenny, who is a chemical engineer, has worked in the beauty industry for nearly my entire childhood and adolescence – so, you can say I grew up in the beauty world. However, as a family, we never had any intention of creating our own beauty brand, until my mom had exited her previous cosmetic brand to take a sabbatical or as she would call it, her “eat, pray, love” moment. During this time, as I was maturing into a young adult, beauty was a re-occurring topic of discussion (one of many things that mothers/daughters indulge in). We recognized that the beauty industry constantly portrayed perfection and flawlessness. However, my sister and I embraced real, authentic and natural beauty. We believe that everyone is beautiful and unique, so why cover up with so much makeup? We weren’t into the crazy colors or the oversized makeup bags – we craved easy, fast and effortless beauty products – perfect for our on-the-go, fuss-free lifestyle. Soon, we recognized that this was not just a millennial trend, rather, the lifestyle of the modern day woman or real girl on the-go. We felt the need to fill this white space to talk to the her – the Nudestix girl who wants to go nude, but better. Before we knew it, we were planning a marketing deck for Nudestix – a fresh, modern day beauty brand for the everyday girl/woman.


Nudestix is a family affair! You co-founded Nudestix with your mom and sister. What has it been like to create and build Nudestix with the family?

Building Nudestix with my mom and sister has been equal parts fun, rewarding, stressful and time-consuming. There has never been a moment where we’re not talking/fussing about Nudestix to some capacity. I think it’s because we’re all so passionate about the brand that it comes so naturally. Thankfully, we all get along very well – so arguments are minimal. I have to say, my favourite part about building Nudestix with my family has been travelling around the world together to tell and inspire our story. I cherish these times as there are few and far between.


Nudies Glow

The range is vegan friendly and cruelty free. What goes into developing new products and how hard is it to make it in a stick format? What are the inspirations behind developing new products?

The product development cycle can take anywhere between 6 to 9 months. Typically, the process begins with a simple inspiration from either runway, cultural, seasonal and/or social media trends. We also collect inspiration from my sister, myself, friends, colleagues and followers. Personally, I am the most inspired when I travel to our various markets internationally and observe what woman/girls are wearing on the streets.

Yes, It’s definitely more difficult to create iconic formulas in a stick format, but it allows us to keep innovating and developing products different from what’s in the beauty market. We work very closely with our European manufacturers to create the best products, and we never launch anything that is not approved by my mom, my sister and I.

Nudies Matte

You’ve got such a great range of products. Do you have any favourites? 

Ah! It’s like choosing a favourite child! Lol – but If I HAD to choose, my faves right now are the NUDIES All-Over Face Matte and Glows. They’re the perfect multi-functional product for my busy, on-the-go lifestyle.


What Nudestix product/s should every girl have in their makeup bag?

Um, EVERYTHING! Essentially, the entire range is a beauty hack! But to create a full face of Nudestix, every girl needs… Concealer pencil, Eyebrow Stylus + Gel, Nudies Matte, Nudies Glow, Mascara and Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil (in a bold & nude shade). Just to name a few 😉


Nudestix is available at Sephora Australia. Visit www.sephora.com.au for store locations and to see the Nudestix range

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