Women were the face of Russian Fashion week in Moscow this year. Apparently men just don’t seem to inspire Russian designers. Everything on the catwalk was for women, about women and in the name of women. But that didn’t stop thousands of men and women queueing up to be the first to see what would be in Vogue next fall and winter.

The six-day long fashion summit brought forth an incredible array of talent from Russian and international designers. Here are few designers that turned heads in Russia’s capital.

Gogh Sebekov
A firm believer that time can influence one’s stylish frame of reference, Gogh Sebekov loves how innovation can be the trend’s fortune-teller often found on the brink of modern and classic. His latest collection from his line, Goga Sabekiya, is inspired by various segments of Russia’s history, from Imperial to Constructivism, from Catherine the Great to Fabergé and of course classic Russan folklore. The bold use of black and white and the very cool Kremlin silhouettes stenciled in various forms is definitely something that is very unique.


Marina Makaron
This American brand with Russian roots celebrates her Eastern European fashion sensibility with this collection. Vibrant is an understsatement. With each detail made by hand evoking a fond tribute to Russian folklore and the simplicities of village life. Graphic floral patterns, funky combination of colours lets you throw out the traditional fall colours and instead opt for something a bit more fun.


Juan Vidal
The Spanish designer showed off his chunky coats and tight satin dresses. His ultra black collection is sensual, but still a go to for reserved and guarded women at the same time.


Slava Zaitsev
Russian fashion designer Slava Zaitsev showcased his latest Fall-Winter 2012/13 collection titled ‘Associations’. The collection is delicate enough and simple for comprehension. The shapes and lines seem to be the same, but there is something intangible, new, which is a distinctive feature and definitely drew the crowds attention.


Images courtesy of www.ramp1885.com


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