An emphasis on conceptualism and minimalism is what Jamie Ashkar saw missing in between the seams of our fashion industry. His designs aim to challenge the conventional notions of dress making by merging an architect’s logic with the lucid dreams of a innovator. The result is detailed lines and bold prints as well as simplistic hues complimented by sharp, clean cuts. We asked Jamie a few questions about his eponymous label and what we got was a clear indication of why you should pay attention to Australia’s next big thing.


What did you see that was missing in the Australian fashion industry in order to create your line?

I felt that the “women” wearing the garment was getting lost. I wanted to create clothing for confident, strong women, with keeping in mind my understanding of the female form and design for their bodies.

What makes your line different to what we have on offer? 

I believe I offer a fresh new take on classics. Fit being a huge focus and also offering a variety of looks, and feels. Using unconventional construction and fabric development. Always thinking ahead!

How important is creating a sense of identity with clothing?

Identity is what makes an individual, which is so important in today’s society.

Did you design with a particular woman in mind for Reflections?

Yes I design, for the strong, confident modern women. A woman that knows what she likes and is not afraid to show it.

How has your background in interior design translated into your pieces?

Quite a tremendous amount, I believe aesthetically I have transitioned smoothly, I still look at the women’s body as a form and design keeping in mind the functionality of it and how she feels in it.

What was on your inspiration board throughout the design process that you kept making reference to?

My inspiration for SS13/14 was all about fluidity and intersecting lines, the idea of hard meeting soft.


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