Founder of INDA Organics, Teisha Lowry is more than a pretty face. After starting out as a model, Lowry soon turned her passion for natural ingredients into a business, creating her own line of certified organic beauty products.


To celebrate INDAH Organics recent collaboration with designer Alice McCall for McCall’s debut perfume ‘Heartwood‘, Couturing interviewed the lovely Lowry to find out more about INDAH Organics.




1. Congratulations on your new scent, ‘Heartwood’ with Alice McCall! How did this collaboration come about?

Alice fell in love with INDAH products because of their simplicity and ethics. She especially loved that each product had a distinguished and unique scent that was unlike anything currently on the market. Alice approached me in mid-2011 with the idea to collaborate. We spent time together in Bali where I pulled inspiration from the bohemian youthfulness of Alice’s beautiful daughter Wilde and the intoxicating scent of tuberose blooms which filled McCALL’s  home.


2. Can you tell us about the different elements that make up Heartwood and how these were inspired by Alice McCall’s SS/12/13 cruise collection ‘Babooshka’?

It’s a beautiful fragrance that is traditionally hand-made with pure ingredients; it has a honeyed sweetness and subtle fresh, floral top notes of Tuberose and Rose Absolutes, pretty much a sensual assortment of Alice’s personal much-loved scents.



3. What is the process behind creating a scent?

There’s no truer way to express oneself than through your very own scent, I have to intimately get to know a person before I capture the very essence of them in a jar. Signature scents become our own personal geography. Nothing is more memorable than a smell. I believe scent truly captures some of the most intimate memories held in a person’s heart.


4. Why do you think every woman should wear a beautiful scent? Scent is such a personal thing and yet traditional perfumes dabbed behind the ear is long lost tradition, that’s why I create scents using the purest ingredients, and therefore enhances your external beauty without toying with your natural pheromone system. It can send the natural aroma to a more intense level, especially when using pure oils such as Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and Patchouli – which can heighten sexual desire!



5. You started off modelling before creating your own beauty products company, INDAH. Were there any experiences and lessons you applied from your modelling days to help make your company so successful? I was a model for more than a decade, and it was really tough! It was a mentally, emotionally and physically challenging career and very competitive, however, it taught me the best lesson: believe in my ability, because, most of the people in the industry didn’t. I can’t make INDAH successful if I didn’t believe it deserved it, I have always had faith in myself to never give up, believing in myself is the key, because it has paved this path for me and I have come out the other end and I can share this learning experience and knowledge with others.



6. INDAH uses only certified organic ingredients and your brand is based around sustainable beauty and ethical values. Why are these values important for you? I can make little changes on a community level, by bringing back the integrity and healing our environment and health using organic ingredients in my beauty range and my food. I’m committed to quality organic products and spreading the truth in the health and beauty industry. I try and provide one of the purest beauty products in the market, I have nothing to hide and will not stop exposing nasty ingredients and industries that are pulling wool over our eyes. If more people take notice of where we spend our money it will go back in to our community and support not only our future generations but create more jobs in organic farming, clean-up our water supply and best of all – make us healthy!!!


7. What are some of your favourite memories of perfume? I remember when I was little girl, my great grandmother use to wear the most beautiful, softest scent, it was in this gorgeous old bottle and she always kept it in its original purple and white box on her dressing table, it was called ‘April Violets’ by Yardley. I didn’t know her for very long, but we had the most amazing connection, I remember everything about her, she was the one that accepted me as part of my Dad’s family, I will never ever forget that perfume, I can smell it now just thinking about her. So precious!


8. INDAH has been growing exponentially since you started it since 2008. What exciting things do you have planned for INDAH? So much to tell, I’m collaborating with a fashion designer per season and I’m bursting at the seams with excitement, I have a few lined up already. Working with an amazing designer such as Alice McCall has really opened up some amazing opportunities, I love to align myself with like-minded people such as Alice, and if you surround yourself with the positive you can create magic. I’m so happy to be doing what I love, and now its time to spread my wings.


Images courtesy of Sally Burleigh Public Relations and Couturing


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