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One of the most anticipated skincare ranges launches today and here at Couturing we’re excited to share with you all the details of Go-To Skincare, the new range by Zoë Foster Blake. As the former Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR, and author of Amazing Face, Zoë Foster Blake has the pedigree and experience to know what makes good skin care. Go-To is the result of a decade using and reviewing every kind of skin care available, as well as some exceptional guidance from Megan Larsen, founder of award-winning organic skincare brand, Sodashi.

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The inspiration of Go-To came about from women telling Zoë how baffled they were about skin care, and asking what her “go-to” products were. They wanted something simple that works, and so Go-To came to life.

Go-To is a thoughtful edit of five essentials – lip balm, cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliant and a multipurpose body oil. A simple skincare range that provides all that’s needed for strong, healthy, happy skin; quite simply, your ‘go-to’ products. With a philosophy of gentle exfoliation, protection and hydration, Go-To offers the perfect base skin care routine. Whether your skin is teenage, temperamental, lasered or lined, the range will help meet all your skin needs.

The other great thing about this product line is that the products are created in Australia and made in New Zealand, with pure and potent natural ingredients, those with botanical actives that actually do something like AHAs, antioxidants and deeply hydrating butters and oils.

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The Very Useful Face Cream (50ml $39.95) harnesses the extraordinary Amla berry, a power antioxidant with 30 times more Vitamin C than oranges.

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The silky mousse of Properly Clean (150ml $29.95) uses Willow Bark to make sure all that foundation and sunscreen comes off before bed.

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Ultra-medical grade lanolin dramatically boosts the nourishment of Lips! (15g $14.95)

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Lactic acid ensures the single use pads in Exfoliating Swipeys (50 pads $45.95) are gentle but thorough.

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And the multi-use Exceptionoil (85gm $49.95) boasts certified Monoi Tiare for that genuine, dreamy paradise scent and silky, instantly-sink-into-the-skin texture.

Melbourne artist Allison Colpoys designed the packaging, finger-painting the Go-To font to simulate the application of skin care, and the products make the most of soft coral, a colour that Zoë thinks is quite frankly, spectacularly underrated. All Go-To copy and communication is cheeky and conversational following the discovery of an ancient scroll that said skin care was allowed to have personality and be fun.

Zoë pushed the Go-To launch back three times to ensure each product was right. They had to feel right, smell right, and most importantly, perform. Like any beauty editor, she has high standards, which is why she had to triple-ensure her own products definitely were up to her standards. No doubt that once people try out the range they’ll be glad that the products are just right!

Go-To is only available only at www.gotoskincare.com

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