Maybelline New York created a gorgeous, on trend makeup look for the Toni Maticevski runway on Day 3 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney last month. The models’ natural skin was kept clean and foundation was non-existent, only accents of creamy tan were added to eyes and cheeks. Colour was limited and brows and eyeshape was slightly angular creating an edgy yet almost masculine look on the pretty models.

MNY for Maticevski_Beauty

Such a beautiful look can be recreated at home with our easy tutorial.

To achieve the fresh skin look which was seen on the Maticevski runway, the key feature to this makeup look is to skip foundation. Apply Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer ($14.95)  in your shade, lightly with fingertips on any area that you feel needs concealing. Under the eye, around the nose and chin, and on any blemishes are usually key spots. You want to leave as much skin as possible naked. What’s beautiful about this makeup look is that Maybelline New York‘s Makeup Director, Nigel Stanislaus, left the natural tones of the skin shine as a feature rather than as something to hide. If the concept of going bare scares you to death and you feel you do need foundation, (which many of us will) use Maybelline Fit Me Foundation ($18.95) which is a light, dewy foundation which gives the illusion of healthy bare skin. Apply with a sponge as you will get a lighter application which you can build where necessary.

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Maybelline Fit Me Colour Sensational Stripped Nudes in Honey Beige ($16.95), was then used as a contour.  This product is sold as a lipstick, but can be used effectively as a contour. You want to apply the product lightly with your finger along the ridge that is the bottom of your cheek bone. Apply down the cheek, stopping when aligned with the pupil in your eye. Blend this colour out softly making the colour more concentrated near the ear for definition. Blend this out.

Next, on the eye, take Maybelline NY EyeStudio Colour Tattoo in Too Cool ($11.95) on the tops of the cheekbones and brow bone to create a highlight. This will give the skin that dewy, fresh faced look that we see on the runway.

What’s really amazing about this makeup look is that only cream and liquids have been used for this makeup look. Using liquids and creams leaves skin with a fresh and somewhat moist appearance, which is youthful and fresh. Maybelline FitMe Foundation was used applied to the eye crease to contour the eyelid, where as normally you would use powder eyeshadow. This is to enhance that healthy skin appearance. This technique, however gorgeous, would not translate so well for everyone in their day to day lives. For longevity of your makeup, using a setting powder is crucial. Alternatively, you can also use powder bronzer instead of creams for contouring, which will see makeup last the day.

After the foundation has been applied to the eye the, makeup artists used Maybelline NY Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad in Designer Chocolates ($14.95) on the lid and blended upwards towards the outer corner of the brow, creating a slight edge. The shadow was then blended out and up to the crease. The soft colour shadow was also applied underneath the eye and blended out.

The eyes were lined using Maybelline NY Line Express Eyeliner in Brown ($11.50), applied very close to the lash line and pressed into the lash bed. This creates definition without the look of an eyeliner. Then a single coat of Maybelline NY Great Lash in Dark Brown Mascara ($12.95) was applied. The use of browns throughout the makeup kept the look pared back and youthful.

Next, eyebrows were brushed up and filled with Maybelline NY Master Shape Brow Pencil ($11.50). This brushing of the brows gave the look a slight edge to this simple and androgynous makeup look.

Lips matched eyes by using Maybelline NY Color Sensational Stripped Nudes Lip Color in Coffee Craze ($16.95) and Maybelline NY Color Sensational Stripped Nudes Lip Color in Honey Beige ($16.95). If this is too beige for your tastes, then a pink gloss or a swipe of red for a statement look would look just as great.

So if you’re looking for a new look this season then make sure you follow these easy steps to make your look a Maticevski runway look.

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