They say “beauty is only skin deep”. Well, all the more reason to pamper and nurture your skin with the utmost care and the finest of products, tailored to your individual complexion, lifestyle, and sensitivities. Booking a facial with a professional beautician is a good place to start and the MYER Melbourne Biotherm store in Bourke Street Mall is the perfect place to go for a relaxing beauty experience.

The beauty salon rooms are tucked away from the frantic hustle and bustle of the cosmetics department, providing an inviting and serene place for your facial. The facial lasts for 40 minutes and includes the full spectrum of skin care from cleansing and exfoliation, to a hydration mask and neck massage. Hands, shoulders, neck and décolletage are all looked after as well, leaving you feeling fresh, glowing and utterly stress free.

After examining my skin type and enquiring about any concerns I had about my skin, the Biotherm beautician decided to use a combination of products largely from the Biosource cleansing range and the Aquasource Non Stop hydration range. The Biosource hydra-mineral cleanser, exfoliator and toning lotion are enhanced with oligo-minerals and pure thermal plankton to thoroughly remove both makeup and environmental residue. The thermal spring water-based Aquasource range is designed to leave your skin hydrated for 24 hours.


This non-stop hydration is vital for the prevention of fine lines and also helps with the retention of skin elasticity. Having been reminded of the importance of hydration, my favourite product of those I sampled was the Aquasource hydrating face mask, which was left on for 10 minutes while I enjoyed a calming neck and shoulder massage. The intensity of the moisture in this mask encourages your skin to draw on the nutrients and minerals of the mask, leaving it replenished and hydrated.  The Aquasource Eye Perfection Gel is also a great product, designed to reduce puffiness and fine lines around the eye region, giving you an instant feeling of freshness.

Biotherm has also created Firm Corrector, an innovative firming body cream. The cream’s active ingredient, macro-algae L.Ochroleuca from the Celtic Sea, has the ability to restore tightness to the skin, providing visible tonicity and firmness. The Biotherm beautician explained that women start to lose collagen in their skin from the age of 25, making it dryer and less able to maintain strength and suppleness. This lack of collagen can also cause stretch marks around the hips and “derriere”.

Walking out of the MYER Melbourne Biotherm salon, knowing that my skin was rid of impurities and enriched with natural minerals and long-lasting moisture, I felt radiant, healthy and completely relaxed. The experience also gave me a firm resolve to take better care of myself and to indulge in a little “skin detoxing” more often!



Couturing would like to thank Biotherm for the opportunity to experience their facial treatment and for sharing their beauty secrets.


For more information on the Biotherm product range, visit the Biotherm website.

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