Activated Nutrients, the creators of premium plant-based nutritional supplements, launched their latest offering: a range of Certified Organic superfood powders, developed for the whole family with a fantastic event in Byron Bay. Unlike mk677 which is specifically meant to be consumed by people trying to improve their bone density or their muscle mass, these superfood powders can be had by anyone and everyone trying the nutrisystem vs medifast taste test – for staying healthy in the hustle of today’s lifestyle.

Co-founded in 2013 by Blair Norfolk and leading nutritional scientist Dr. Jaroslav Boublik (‘Dr. JB’), Activated Nutrients’ products harness the power of plant-based nutrition and cutting-edge scientific research to deliver innovative products with tangible health benefits. Proudly Australian-owned and headquartered in Melbourne, Activated Nutrients is committed to educating consumers about the myriad benefits of organic, plant-based nutrition.

Formulated by Chief Science Officer, Dr. JB, the new ‘Top Up’ range was created to help men, women, and those aged over 50 to bridge the nutritional gap created by poor dietary choices, to ensure consumers don’t miss out on essential nutrients the body needs to get through a busy day. The products feature a unique blend of superfood and herbal extracts, sourced from their native region of cultivation to ensure the ingredients meet rigorous standards for quality and purity. In recognition of the relationship between the gut microbiome and human health, prebiotic fibres and live probiotics underpin the entire product range to support a healthy gut. More than just a superfood powder, Activated Nutrients’ products boast significant levels of multiple vitamins and minerals, all derived from whole plant foods. By sourcing these micronutrients from whole plant extracts rather than synthetic
chemical compounds, the nutrients are more bioavailable and able to be utilised by the body.

To complement the range, a fourth product, ‘Grow Up’, was created to address the nutritional shortfalls in Aussie kids’ diets. Blair Norfolk says, “In Australia, poor diets and inactivity has resulted in one in four Aussie kids now being classified as overweight or obese. As adults, we are solely responsible for our kids’ nutrition and health. We developed Grow Up – Kids Superfood so parents can feel confident they are giving their children the best start in life.”

The first of its kind in the Australian market, Grow Up features bone-building calcium and vitamin D, energising B vitamins, and pre- and probiotics to support gut health, all while remaining free from added sugars, colours, flavours and preservatives. Lucy Taylor, Nutrition Scientist at Activated Nutrients says “Stirred into milk or whizzed into a fruit smoothie, just ½-1 teaspoon makes a delicious and fun antioxidant-rich, berry-flavoured drink, formulated to support healthy, growing kids. It’s so delicious,
Mums and Dads will want a glass, too!”

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