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When Lululemon first opened its doors in Australia, the first store was right here in Melbourne and now, the cult favourite yoga/workout label is the latest brand to move into the fantastic Emporium shopping centre, and to celebrate, a stylish (and delicious!) breakfast was held in the immaculately designed space…and amongst the fabulous products.

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The store is warm and inviting, taking its inspiration from the store’s immediate surroundings. “[We considered] the beautiful graffiti in Caledonian Lane, which is directly behind the store. Also the actual Emporium itself”, said Prudence, the interior designer behind the space.

Before we sat down to eat the delicious spread, courtesy of LBSS Cafe and fig & salt, we got the chance to browse the product that is artfully displayed throughout the space. The range is wide-reaching, making sure that there’s everything you’ll need for the yoga studio, the pavement, and everywhere in between.

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We were also treated to a lesson in manifesting, and reaching our goals. Closing our eyes, we were asked to focus on what we want out of life, and how we plan to achieve it. This idea of reaching goals and exceeding them echoes throughout the store in the artwork, specifically a piece of typography by PenHeartsPaper, reading “Do one thing a day that scares you”.

If you need some new workout gear, or want to see the new store in all its glory, you’ll find it on the ground floor of the Emporium – it’s open now!

Images courtesy of Lululemon

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