Let’s face it, who isn’t on their phones pretty much every minute of their waking day. Whether you are scrolling through your Instagram feed, online shopping, or watching viral videos on YouTube. I know I wouldn’t be the first one to exceed their monthly data limit. The good news is, forget excess data fees, you will now have more money to spend on shoes, or that all important new weekend outfit with Telstra’s new Telstra Air Network™.

You can not only now use your Telstra home broadband allowance at thousands of hotspots across Australia, but thanks to Telstra’s partnership with tech provider Fon, you can now also use your broadband allowance at over 15 million Fon Spots around the world including UK, Japan, Germany, South Africa and France. This makes getting wifi while travelling so much easier. Just by downloading the Telstra Air App (available for Apple and Android devices), you will be just a click away from utilising this new technology. Smart right?


To celebrate this exciting new launch, last night Telstra lit up Melbourne’s CBD, with a unique installation. Light boxes were installed on 30 phone boxes in Melbourne’s CBD, shining a blue/purple beam up into the night sky which could be seen from over a block away. These phone boxes have all been fitted out with Telstra Air technology, meaning they all give Telstra customers access to their broadband wifi. Once you become a member of Telstra Air, you will be able to connect up your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone to your broadband when you are away from home.

So how does this new concept work? Telstra Air will share a portion of your home Wi-Fi connection to create a hotspot that others can use. So just by sharing a little of your data, you can have the benefit of more connection options when you are out and about. Over time, by sharing, it is expected that members will co-create a community of hundreds of thousands of hotspots across Australia. If Telstra’s trial of the Air concept is anything to go by, it looks set to grow exponentially around Australia. Over 1.5 million individual users connected during the trial which saw the rollout of over 2,600 hotspots on payphone sites nationally.


Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to stream the latest House of Cards episode no problems, with the Telstra Air concept not affecting home broadband speeds. Wifi speeds through Telstra Air will also be quick enough to stream a high def movie.

Click here to download the Telstra Air App and get sharing and connecting today!

Brought to you by Telstra and Nuffnang

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