With no plans over the Easter weekend what better way to take in a true country festival than volunteering at Boogie. Started 8 years ago in the town of Tallarook, the legend that is Bruzzy allowed a merry flock to pitch up tents and campers on his working farm for a weekend of log fires, teepee dancing, bush raves and a combination of upcoming and established bands.

An apres ski vibe of the cabin clubhouse and a crowd embracing the bitterly cold evenings wrapped in fur, wool and hats, if you weren’t happy before you got there, you sure would be when you left!

Kitsch things had been thought of around the intimate festival, the breaking bad bar, speeding dating on Saturday afternoon and high tea on Sunday without queues for bars and toilets meant this is possibly one of the nicest, well thought out and chilled festivals I’ve attended. 

Volunteering meant the festival was free and makes it easy to meet people and give back to a festival that runs off people working hard for a good time. Friendly and committed volunteering is a great way to enjoy a festival and meet new people.

An introduction to the amazing Hillybilly stage and getting cosy by the fires made for a funny and fabulous weekend with new friends and old. Who would ever want to leave…

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Heather Kipling

Heather hails from England with over 6 years of fashion retail experience in PR, events and digital marketing. As a typical tourist, Heather is embracing all things Melbourne from travel, events, music, food and fitness whilst slowly becoming addicted to the Melbourne cup of coffee. Doing two new things a week provides a perfect foundation for a festival loving, Lifestyle Editor in the cultural capital of Australia.

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