We’ve all been to large department stores and seen aisles for “her skincare” and “his skincare”, believing there to be a great difference between the two. Just like clothing, accessories or shoes; our skin and facial products also had to be gender specific – or so we thought. Slowly but surely, we are learning that there is no difference between male and female skin, and learning that our skin is only as different as the issues we have. Whether it is dehydration, sun damage or pigmentation, the solutions for these problems do not change for your gender, but only change to suit your skin type. We learn from neoSKIN some of the most common skincare problems and some of the best solutions for them.

NeoSKIN was founded by Yasmin Najjar over six years ago after she came back from travels and saw many of the technological developments and research being invested in new treatments for the skin whilst overseas. Having worked in the beauty industry for over 12 years, Yasmin’s focus at neoSKIN is offering client treatment plans and products that suit their skin and change with it’s needs over time. So what are some of the most common therapies offered?


As everyones skin is as different as each others, a skin assesment is vital to understanding your needs. Personally, as somebody who loves the sun (and fears aging) it was refreshing to hear everything that I desperately needed to hear before deciding on what treatments to pursue.


Loosening and exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells via a fairly painless process, microdermabrasion helps brighten, reduce fine lines, helps to clear enlarged pores and regular treatment stimulates collagen and elastin formulation resulting in firmer and more rejuvenated skin. Something that I have also tried personally, that left my skin feeling brand new (no joke).


A skin assesment must be completed prior to a skin peel just to ensure that you are getting the right treatment for your skin. Depending on the type of peel (Salicylic Peel, Alpha Beta Layered Peel, Youth Recovery Peel) this can aid with hyperpigmentation, sun damage, texture, scarring, acne and breakouts. This is something I cannot wait to try.


Vitamin Infusion allows deeper and more effective penetration of either vitamin A or C, both crucial ingredients in reducing the signs of aging. This treatment apparently allows 100% penetration of vitamins into the skin!

Although there are many more, neoSKIN offers a variety of  treatments for both men and women, that are tailored to suit your skin type and not your gender. You can find out more about neoSKIN here.


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