There’s the old adage that Beauty comes from the inside out. Sometimes it’s easy to forget this mantra, especially with the pace of daily life and availability of great products and treatments. But there is something to be said about making sure you look after yourself in various areas so that your outer beauty is a reflection of the inner. At Couturing, we explore three focus areas that will help us shining on the outside from within.


They don’t call it Beauty sleep for no reason! It’s widely known that it is good to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night to help the body recover from the day and also help your body cells to regenerate while you are sleeping. With the general population now running at a pace not seen in previous generations, getting a good night’s rest is vital to keep ones stamina but also to help bring your inner beauty out.

How can we help to get a good night’s rest AND help our inner beauty? Obviously there is making sure that your bed supports your spine and your bedroom is the right temperature and place to sleep (no electronic devices in your bedroom!). But have you ever considered your bedding? You might say that it doesn’t make a difference, but good quality bedding can be a benefit in the bedroom.

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Adairs has a evolutionary new bedlinen called Beauty Sleep by SleepLab that has the ability to get supple, smoother skin whilst you snooze. Australia’s leading retailer of manchester and homewares has successfully combined luxurious comfort and cosmetic technology that delivers a truly dreamy sleep experience and a beauty routine so simple, you can do it with your eyes closed. Created by Lenzing, the leaders in fiber innovation, the silk-like 100% Tencel® natural fibre is enriched with Chitosan particles extracted from the shells of deep-sea crustaceans and embedded permanently in the fibre to create TencelC®. When in direct contact with your bare complexion, this revolutionary fabric maintains much-needed moisture content in your skin at a time when cell renewal is at its most effective.

According to Dr Susanne Jary, Head of Global Home Textiles Marketing at Lenzing, beauty routines do not get any easier than this. “The innovative manufacturing techniques allow the TencelC® fibre to withstand regular washing without losing its cosmetic properties.  This bedlinen is so cosmetically advanced that it can actually aid skin respite, regeneration and restoration whilst you sleep,” says Dr Susanne Jary.

Now that is an innovative way to achieve your beauty sleep!



Reformer Pilates at Kaya Health Clubs

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that exercise does wonders for your fitness, wellbeing and your beauty. Fitness professional, Christian Ruggeri from Kaya Health Clubs Prahran, 100% agrees that exercise does help with bringing out the beauty from within. He says “if your insides aren’t functioning correctly your body will not run to its optimum potential, which means ‘feeling’ and ‘looking’ dreadful.  We cannot hide what’s going on in the inside for too long…I’m a firm believer that if you are not feeling great on the inside it will definitely show on the outside i.e. through your eyes, your skin, hair, and in your energy levels.”

With Spring already here, take some time to exercise and “release endorphins to feel great, energise the body and the mind” says Ruggeri.

If you’re looking for something new in the area of fitness coming into Summer, Ruggeri suggests Reformer Pilates that incorporates reformer beds to help strengthen and tone the body. Something a bit different than your ordinary treadmill or bicycle!

Healthy Drinking

Pouring tea

You are what you eat, and you are what you drink. So aside from water, what should you drink to help bring out your inner beauty? Tea. Nathan Wakeford, president of the AustralAsian Speciality Tea Association and owner of Theic Tea Bar in Collingwood says that “there is actually a very strong link between the alkalising properties of tea and enhanced beauty”. Tea contains polyphenols which are antioxidents that help to elminate free radicals which can prematurely age the body. One such beneficial polyphenol is epigallocatechin gallate, also called EGCG which can help with skin health.

Wakeford also says that “the alkalising nature of tea can help to reduce bodily acidity. A large contributing factor of skin conditions is bodily acidity and lymphatic waste accumulating under the skin. Consuming alkalising foods including tea can help to reduce the level of acidity in the body and expel lymphatic waste that could otherwise be expelled through the skin.”

So the next time you reach for that coffee, think twice and have a tea!

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