The master of the red carpet dress, Toni Maticevski has applied his skill to wedding dresses, with amazing results. Launching a range of ready-to-wear wedding gowns, Maticevski’s designs reflect his own spin on traditional bridal silhouettes. Maticevski also has a thriving business of custom wedding dress designs. Where other designers create dresses which all tend to follow a particular formula, the beauty of Maticevski’s custom pieces is that each looks different, reflecting the style and taste of each wearer, while still maintaining that Maticevski magic.

As part of Couturing Bridal Week, we were lucky enough to interview the lovely Toni about his new bridal range, and learn more about the process of creating custom designs.


1. What do you love about designing wedding gowns?

I love the interaction with each person. Everyone brings such a different perspective to what they like. Even if they all liked one dress, it would always be different. It’s something too about being part of someone’s special day that is inspiring.

2. What do you think sets your bridal designs apart from other designers?

I think the way I work with fabric. It’s been years of experience, and other designers do their own thing really well. I like the idea that a dress can look and feel as light as air. I have this thing about not handling fabric too much.

3. What process do you undertake when working with a client to design their dream dress?

It’s pretty simple. I think in the last 15 years I’ve become really good at working out what and who people are and their tastes. It’s about observation and listening. I have a few standard questions but the rest is guided by bringing together what the client likes and how I can add my magic to it.

Toni Maticevski - Runway - Spring 2010 MBFW

4. While some women dream of having the big white dress, or something slinky, their design may not always suit their figure. What styles are best for each body shape?

Most brides have a good idea of things that suit them. Some let their mothers tell them which is always a bit scary…hilarious too. I find that a lot of the process is an evolution. And if the bride is open to having the process grow and evolve it’s usually the best result. It never works when someone has too clear an idea in their head, they may as well take it to a dressmaker.

5. More and more brides are choosing to shy away from the more traditional white wedding gowns, opting for colour on their special day instead. What are your thoughts on this new trend?

I love it. Keeps my job interesting and adds to the experience. I mean if I only had to make white dresses I’d go nuts.

6. What tips do you have for women looking for their perfect dress?

Well it’s more for if you are getting one custom made, let the designer do their job. Its good to have some idea of what you like, but never good if it’s a clear idea. If that’s the case, look for one off the rack. Also be open to the whole experience. It should be the easiest part of the wedding planning and the most fun.


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