Tiffiny Hall, Australian TV personality, expert trainer and Sixth Dan Black Belt Master Instructor is gearing up to launch TIFFXO; a highly anticipated monthly online program consisting of a variety of interval training exercises with a unique martial arts/boxing twist. Tiff’s workouts are easy to follow, fun and friendly to all fitness levels. They come supported by delicious + easy meal plans, self-defence and mindfulness tactics for modern life. Tiffany knows all about what it takes to stay in top shape both mentally and physically, and we caught up with Tiffany to hear all about it!


Congratulations on your new weight loss and lifestyle program. What made you want to start your own program?

Thanks! I’m soooo proud of my baby TIFFXO which is a superstar 4 week online program with me, where I take care of your workouts and meals every day, and help you to mentally chill out as well!

It all started with my passion to help others to feel more confident and empowered. I’ve been teaching fitness and Taekwondo since I was 12 years old in my family Taekwondo school Hall’s Taekwondo. Whilst at University I was teaching in gyms, taking bootcamps, competing in Taekwondo at a National level and Instructing in the dojang. I couldn’t get enough. I’ve always dreamt of being able to train everyone, not just those living in Melbourne. I’ve lately seen a bit of decline in the participation of our adult programs at Hall’s and I know it’s because people have zero time. I’ve also seen the rise of untrustworthy, unqualified social media fitness and wellness gurus.

I really wanted to deliver a program that was personal hence the XO (kiss and hug). It’s about me giving you some love and encouraging some self love, a little cuddle for the self goes a long way to staying motivated long term and feeling good. I also wanted to created a program that stayed true to me as an Instructor, actually coaching you every day in a one on one video that is time effective, and bursting with all my tips and knowledge from working with humans for 20 years (not just taking photos on Instagram). I’ve worked with morbidly obese people and helped them to halve their body fat percentage and reverse their bio age, I’ve worked with athletes, teenagers, fit and fit-ish people. I have years on the ground, honing my skills and expertise. I know what works and I can’t wait to share it with you, all tied up in a pretty little package called TIFFXO.com


What’s different about your program to other programs out there?

  • Well, me for a start!
  • On TIFFXO you get martial-arts style video workout one on one with me every day, I’ll be coaching you every step, kick, punch and sweat moustache along the way!
  •  I aim to fill your belly with delicious food! I reckon food needs to taste good and have lots of variety to help people stay on track, otherwise depriving yourself of treats really feeds that binge/starve mentality and I am most definitely NOT about that. Fuel your body right, and you’ll feel fantastic (you’ll need the energy to get through my workouts!)
  •  AND my secret weapon: VERY excited to share my own version of Poomsae, a series of Taekwondo movements linked to empowering mantras, kinda like Tae-chi but better! These affirmations will help you feel in control and awesome!
  •  Plus my Meditations in Action – not your regular meditations – you can actually do them on the run! It’s especially designed for people who don’t have time to meditate, which let’s face it, is practically all of us.
  • I couldn’t give you a holistic wellness program without including self defence tips. There will be self-defence videos that will help you to feel safe. Wellness to me is about self-compassion. Feeling confident in your skin and on the street. I’ve been teaching self-defence my whole life through my parents Taekwondo school. I really think personal safety is SO important. One in three women are attacked in Australia. I don’t want to scare people, but self defence in essence is preparation. So I have some fantastic practical concepts and tips to keep you alert and prepared, that’s all.
  •  You’ll also get round-the-clock support from me and Team Tiff via our help desk and our private social community. I’ll be in the community every day chatting to peeps and encouraging everyone.


How important is the balance between mind, body and spirit in achieving a good level of health?

My approach to health is holistic – brain, body, feels. It’s holistic because I have a martial arts background. I practice Taekwondo, which in Korean translates to foot, fist and art. The Art of living, practicing wellness every day is a mindset, in Taekwondo you begin your training at black belt, because once you achieve your blackbelt then training for life, as a habit begins. Health, like a martial art must be an art of practice. We can fall off the wagon, everyone has bad days and good days. But it’s the way we pick ourselves up that matters, it’s rolling with the punches and being resilient and knowing that we have created strong habits that will catch us when we fall. My philosophy for TIFFXO is that it should feel great to look good. It’s about feeling wonderful, and weight loss, change in body shape all that are side-effects. It’s an inside job. You can’t have a healthy body if you aren’t right mentally and emotionally too. Training with me means you’ll be Strong, Satisfied and Supported – martial-arts style workouts with absolutely delicious meals (no deprivation!) and some great mindfulness and meditation tools to keep you head strong.


What level of fitness do you have to be to take part in your program?

Absolutely any level of fitness and anyone can do my program!! Take it at your own pace. I cater exercises for all levels of fitness, providing easier versions of moves as well as more intense forms. So, don’t worry if you aren’t fighting fit starting out – you soon will be. And for those who already are, don’t think you can relax – I will push you hard! I’m with you all the way face to face in the workout video so you can see the modification and watch the modifications. I’m seriously putting the personal back into personal training.



What are your top tips for motivating yourself to improve your lifestyle?




The Shadow Boxing Championships

Not just for Black Belts! You can squeeze this one in literally ANYWHERE – an empty lift, in front of the mirror (right behind that frustrating co-worker). You’re looking to shock your system into action so you can take on ANYTHING. How? Throw a couple of punches (1, 2!), combine it with your strongest fighting stance (don’t leave that chin open!) and whaddya ya know, it’s a motivation knockout ;).



Happy Fridge, Happy Head

Gee, there’s nothing better at 7am than knowing you don’t have to somehow conjure up a healthy breakkie from nowhere before getting out the door in a hurry. Don’t know the feeling? Sounds like it’s time for you to get on the meal prep band wagon! When you’re on a meal plan like TIFFXO, this is SO easy. Do your cooking in bulk as much as you can to reduce cook and clean-up time, and get your fridge (and your head) ready for the week to come! Personally, I look forward to my fitness-nerd cooking session on a Sunday afternoon 😛 Plus, not having to plan a new meal every day leaves plenty of head space and time (two very rare things) for motivation.



  • Focus on the progress and the positives, not whether you’re perfect (you aren’t, none of us are)
  • Expect difficulties – it’s absolutely part of the process, it does not mean failure
  • Avoid the all or nothing approach – when you slip up, it’s not a wipeout, mistakes are inevitable and part of the change process – just pick yourself up and get back on track
  • Practice resolve and bouncing back in Co-motivation

The key here is finding the right ‘co’ to your motivation. Someone who you know won’t let you down. A total go-getter, a fierce mover and a confident shaker (we all know one). Buddy up and make a pact – jog 3 times a week, cut the booze for a month, be in bed before 10pm. Feed off each others’ energy and encouragement, and hold each other accountable.


Visit TIFFXO.com where you can sign up for the program that runs monthly ($49) with no contracts. It starts this Monday 7th November so if you’re looking to kick start your health and fitness for Summer!


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