Admittedly I’ve been slow on the uptake on hair oils. As a person with an oily scalp, the thought of adding more oil to my hair made me a tad uncomfortable. I let the morroccan and argan hair oil craze pass me by but with the recent launch of several oil based hair treatments and the accompanying rave reviews, my interest was piqued.  I chose three of the leading hair oils on the market and spent the last couple of months testing them out on my hair.

loreal hair oils couturing

Diamond Hair Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense by Redken

Launched last year along with a range of complementary hair products, Diamond Oil Shine Intense is for coarse and damaged hair as it strengthens, smoothes and protects hair from breakage.  I really liked the results of this particular oil as I felt it gave my hair softness and shine for my frequently heat-treated hair.

As the name suggests, the consistency is like that of oil but after you put it through your hair, it leaves no oily residue on your hair nor your hands, only a shiny gloss to your hair. It is silicone-free so that the natural hair oils – Coriander Oil, Camelina Oil and Apricot Oil – can penetrate the hair to nourish and strengthen the hair. It also has a pleasant understated smell.

Mythic Oil by L’Oreal Professionnel

Suitable for all hair types, this was also very good in my hair. A blend of two exceptional oils – avocado oil and grape-seed oil – Mythic Oil gave my hair a nice shine and softness in my hair. Like the other hair oils, Mythic Oil did not leave an oily residue in my hair or my hands, but it did leave a shine on my palms which required me to wash my hands to remove it. Aside from this, Mythic Oil was a great product since it seemed to promote strength, as I noticed a reduction in the number of split ends in my hair.

Kerastase Initialiste

I’ve used many Kerastase products before and have loved them. This product was no different, as it left my hair looking and feeling great. The oil was light and didn’t leave any unnecessary residue on my hands after use. I used this for a significant period of time and found that it didn’t leave my hair feeling oily, nor did it make my scalp any oilier than it is naturally. My hair felt thicker and fuller to touch, and it was definitely more shiny. The smell is also really pleasant, and given that I only had to use a small amount on my very long hair, it was definitely worth investing in Kerastate Initialiste.

Images courtesy of L’Oreal 

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