Widely regarded as the Father of the Inflammation Theory of Ageing, Dr Nicholas Perricone’s approach to anti-ageing not only focuses on topical treatment, but also emphasises that what you put inside your body is equal important. Perricone was talking chia seeds and kale long before the clean eating movement. Developing a cult following after becoming the anti-ageing and holistic expert on Oprah, Perricone has a celebrated skincare line favourited by women around the globe.


Speaking about the effect of inflammation on the body, Perricone said “Inflammation is the reason you get wrinkles and why you lose the healthy bloom of youth. At the top of the list of elements that create inflammation are sugar and high GI carbohydrates which rapidly convert to sugar.” Perricone developed his Perricone MD skincare line to battle the inflammation which leads to advanced ageing of the skin.

To celebrate the Perricone range and educate its customers about the products, Mecca Cosmetica arranged for Perricone MD skincare expert Caren Conard, to fly in from Perricone headquarters in the states. Caren not only answered questions about Perricone products and the importance of looking after your skin on Mecca’s Facebook page, but she also hosted a series of intimate skincare sessions with Mecca customers, alongside Mecca’s skincare and makeup experts.

Everyone has different skin types and aspects of their skin they want to fix, so when it comes to choosing products for your skin, it’s important to understand what will work best for your skin.

Mecca offers a great range of Perricone MD products, which all focus on utilising the latest in advanced scientific treatments to help your skin look its best. We’ve picked our top 5 products from the range we feel every beauty cabinet needs.

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Blue Plasma 

While the name might not sound appealing, Blue Plasma has become one of Perricone MD’s hero products. Caren recommends this unique, non-acidic peel as a great addition to your daily skincare regime. Offering all the benefits of a traditional peel without the redness or irritation, this hard-working product attacks dead skin cells, leaving your pores unclogged and your complexion glowing.

Face Finishing Moisturiser

This luxuriously textured cream is one of Mecca’s most popular face products for a reason. It’s quick absorbing formula quickly works to replenish and rehydrate tired skin. Perfect for wearing under makeup, Caren recommends this paraben free product to help reduce the signs of ageing and firm your skin’s appearance.

No Foundation Foundation

While a lot of makeup can leave your skin feeling clogged and heavy, Perricone MD’s specially formulated No Makeup Makeup line will revolutionise the way you look at your beauty regime. As a great introduction to the range, Caren recommended the No Foundation Foundation which not only provides translucent coverage, but offers a non-chemical SPF30 and advanced anti-ageing properties. It not only re-hydrates your skin, but helps correct skin imperfections.

Cold Plasma Eye

The skin around your eyes is particularly delicate and one of the first places on your face to show signs of ageing. As a result, it’s important to invest in a effective eye cream to keep signs of ageing at bay. Caren recommends Cold Plasma Eye cream, which is favoured by makeup artists and celebrities across the globe. It absorbs quickly into the skin, working to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Chia Serum

What the humble chia seed lacks in size, it more than makes up for in its ability to fight the signs of ageing. Containing more omega-3 than salmon, the powers of this popular health food has been harnessed by Perricone MD and utilised to brighten dull skin. Caren recommends this daily serum as the perfect hit for tired skin. Great as a treatment to apply before bed, this luxe, concentrated serum will give you a glowing complexion in no time.

So if you aren’t already a Perricone MD convert, head into Mecca stat to get your hands on these revolutionary products. Your skin will thank your for it.

Shop the Perricone MD range in-store and online at Mecca Cosmetica.

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