Making your way through the world of cosmedical skincare needn’t be hard when you know a good brand. Skinstitut is a brand that I’ve recently discovered and it’s been great to learn more about cosmedical skincare and what the benefits are to your average skincare. One of the great things about the brand is that its Australian owned and Australian made and its vision is to make affordable, cosmedical grade skincare that deliver noticeable skin results for everyone.


Sold only online and at medical or professional outlets with trained personnel, it’s a brand that offers a great range of products to suit your skin needs and won’t break the bank. Like seriously, the products are all $45 meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune on getting the right products for your face without sacrificing on the quality of products and potency. Compared to their competitors they’re about 50% cheaper for their products meaning you can get more bang for your buck with their products. Skinstitut pride themselves on ensuring they use top quality, potent and cutting edge ingredients from all over the world to deliver an effective skincare range, and as a bonus they do no animal testing or animal derived ingredients. What’s not to love?

I tried the Skinstitut AHA enzyme peel recently at Laser Skin Clinics Australia which is a distributor and has trained Skinstitut professionals on hand for treatments and consultations. The session was not only designed to help rejuvenate the skin but was also an opportunity to talk about the health of my skin, some key concerns that I had and some potential products that might be useful to help my concerns. The clinician, Joanne, was really helpful in talking about my concerns and some preventative measures that I could employ to alleviate some of my concerns. Lots of long hours at work in an air conditioned environment and drier weather meant I had a build up as well as areas of dry skin.


Whilst the treatment was aimed to help hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, there was some focus in ensuring that areas of build up were addressed through additional cleansing and exfoliation. A double cleanse of my skin to remove impurities and build up was the perfect base for the application of the AHA Enzyme Peel. The Peel is designed to exfoliate your skin by introducing the enzymes with the AHA stimulating skin renewal to leave healthy glowing skin. Prior to the peel being applied, a Peel accelerator was used to prepare the skin for the peel. The Enzymatic Micro Peel was then applied and massaged into the skin for around 5 minutes. I felt minimal tingling with the peel on my face. I’m lucky to have not so sensitive skin, but if you do have sensitive skin make sure you talk with your clinician prior to your treatment to ensure that you are safe to proceed with a peel .

After the peel was removed, I thought I’d feel a bit of tightness around my face but it felt super hydrated and supple. To keep the moisture in and build the hydration, Repair Balm and Age Defence SPF50+ was used after the treatment.

One of the great things about the session was an explanation of the products and what they were used for.
There are a range of treatments and services you can do with skintuit and these are available from Laser Clinics Australia and other clinics.

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