If you haven’t Tully Humphrey, the young entrepreneur might be someone you have seen on Instagram or you might have seen her activewear on people on the street. Tully (27) has already achieved so much and she hasn’t even hit 30. Overcoming anorexia in her teens, Tully has drawn strength to become a certified Yoga instructor, created her own colourful active wear label, Tully Lou, in 2013 at age 24 and working with some of the best names in the wellness industry.
A true innovator and inspiration to her peers, Tully aims to continue to instil a happier, healthier life in the hearts and minds of women and anyone who has suffered in the face of adversity.
We sat down with Tully to talk about what motivates her, what’s happening in the world of Tully Lou and we got some health tips from her for this Winter.


Your story is really inspirational and you have overcome some significant hurdles to achieve some great things! What do you think have been the key things that have contributed to building your resolve and strength to get to where you are?


Thank you! Its been such a long journey. I do believe going through what I did when I was a teenager has made me a strong woman. Its given me strength and drive to succeed in my career and life.


Working on myself has been a huge part of where I am today. Yoga + meditation, family, friends and surrounding myself around uplifting and inspiring people who don’t drain my energy.


When I feel myself heading backwards or old habits creeping back into my life. I will always stop and remind myself of how unhappy and miserable I was. I will stop and ask myself do I want to be back in that dark hole again? The answer is always a big fat hell no.


We love your activewear range, Tully Lou! You’re into your third year with your company. What made you want to start your own range and what have been some of the most interesting things you’ve encountered along the way as a young entrepreneur?


I always wanted to work for myself and design my own label. One day I was in a yoga class and realized that there was a huge niche in the market for a cool fashion forward, bright activewear brand that really made you feel confident and empowered. This was back in 2011 when activewear wasn’t a thing like it is now. I wanted women to feel strong and inspired to work out.


I have learnt so much I think the one thing that comes to mind is Forget about working on your weaknesses, play to your strengths. I learnt this the hard way!

I now make sure I focus on what I am really good at + the other things I am not so good at I get help. Finding this out early on helped me a lot!

What can we expect from your new collection at Tully Lou which is launching next month?


The next collections inspiration was based around the current IT GIRLS you know the übercool crew! These models, singers and reality stars that are some of the biggest influencers of their generation. I used Kendall + Gigi as the key muses of the new collection.



For budding female entrepreneurs, what are the top three tips you would share given your experience with building Tully Lou

 Always listen to your gut instinct!

 There has been a few times when I have listened to other people’s opinions and not followed my gut instinct + shit went down!  So from now on I always let me gut do all the talking


Take Risks

I am a huge believer in taking risks. If you don’t take the plunge than someone else will If you don’t like taking risks then being an entrepreneur might not be the right path for you.


Spend money to make money 

 Spending money on tools and resources that will help you grow your business or complete tasks in less time to reduce costs are always worth it


We’re in the depths of winter at the moment, what are your top wellness and health tips for us to stay healthy and in shape?


Working out in winter can be so hard especially on those cold mornings. I have a few little things I do to keep myself motivated and in shape.

  • Lay out all my TL clothes the night before ready for when my alarm goes off so I don’t have to think. I literally jump out of bed and get dressed.
  • I plan my workouts with friends there is nothing more motivating than working out with your friends. I know if I bail I will be letting down someone else not just myself.
  • Sunday night I will sit down and plan out all my workouts for the week and mark them in my diary so they are my little appointments for myself.
  • Lemon water first thing + Arma force tablets from BioCeuticals are my must do’s during winter.


You’ve recently started hybrid Boxing and Yoga – Yoxing! What else do you have coming up?


Yes, it’s the best fun. Myself and Sarah who works at TL decided to mash our 2 favorite workouts together yoga + boxing and its become a huge success. Its like yin and yang. HIIT Boxing with our boxing trainer FITEPT followed by a slow flow yoga taught by me. These events are usually held every few months at a boxing studio although in summer we hope to take this outside and get a huge mob together.

We are heading back to the States in a month + showing our new TULLY LOU collection at a trade show in NY called AXIS. Which will be super fun, we just want to continue to grow and gain more brand awareness especially internationally!


Check out Tully Lou at  www.tullylou.com.au

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