Want to know how to get a happy melon? Turns out it’s not as hard as you think, and May is the month to start.


Just 8 days out from the start of May, the team at the newly opened Happy Melon Studios on High Street, Armadale are advocating ‘Mindful in May’, a global meditation campaign supporting not-for-profit organisation, Charity Water, which brings clean water to those most in need.

The ‘Mindful in May‘ campaign is a one month online mindfulness meditation challenge, promoting a clear mind for you and clean water for others.

The idea is to challenge yourself to take 10 minutes out of your day for meditation; just for you.


Upon registration, from May 1st you’ll receive your one month meditation program delivered daily to your inbox including audio guided meditations and video interviews with global experts. The money you raise from your sponsors will go straight to Charity Water and help fund future clean water projects in developing countries.

‘Mindful in May’ began in 2012 with Dr. Elise Bialylew at the helm. After studying medicine and practising as a doctor and psychiatrist, Bialylew has combined her passions and directed her career towards mindfulness.

Right on the cusp of ‘Mindful in May’ 2015, the campaign has raised over $75,000 to date, and has inspired thousands worldwide to meditate and be conscious of their mental wellbeing.

“Meditation is not just a trending buzzword, the science is rigorous. By meditating you’re actually changing your genetic expression in a positive way,” Bialylew says.

As proud supporters of ‘Mindful in May’, Happy Melon Studios can help get you started. Offering a wide variety of classes in yoga, pilates and meditation, this unique mind and body studio promotes mental and physical wellbeing. This stunningly modern, fresh and truly beautiful space defines “zen.” You will feel healthier and more relaxed as soon as you step inside.


The diverse and well-versed team of physiotherapists, yoga experts, psychologists, and all-round meditation and fitness fanatics, have got you covered. Seriously, they have everything.

With 6 different yoga classes to choose from, 5 different meditation classes, dynamic fitness, TRX suspension training, reformer pilates and clinical pilates, you pretty much can’t go wrong. For potential first timers, they also offer mindfulness and meditation coaching, plus 1-on-1 classes in yoga, fitness or counselling. And, (the list just keeps going) they have a range of classes for mums and mums-to-be. One class is even BYO baby.


If you’ve always wanted to try meditation, or love the combination of mindfulness with fitness, or even just need a little motivation to kickstart your journey to a healthy body and mind, May is your month.

Give ‘Mindful in May’ a go and register here. All you’ve got to lose is 10 extra minutes of stress and tension a day!

All the information you need, as well as expert advice and tips, are sent right to you, and if you want a little taste of what it means to be mindful, Happy Melon Studios’ classes are the perfect place to start.

Happy Melon’s mantra: “get the mind right, the body will follow.”


Happy Melon Studios

1252 High St, Armadale
VIC, 3143

PH: (03) 9576 0565

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