“Arm yourself….the battleground has been set & the dance is about to begin”

Mimco seems to have followed in the steps of George Orwell, creating their own take on a dystopic future. But with a twist.

On the 28 January 2013, the brand celebrated the launch of the new collection ‘Paradise Battalion’ with the release of a campaign featuring real-world lovers. Shot in the brand’s provenance, Melbourne, Mimco scoured the nation for five couples to star in the campaign, which launched in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year.

‘Paradise Battalion’ takes inspiration from a troubled visionary and their romantic view of the future. Brutality of war & industrialisation has been replaced by an overwhelming & intoxicating beauty – academies, platoons, armies and cadets, have been festooned with glamour and romance.

In October last year, Mimco launched a viral competition ‘Calling all the Lovers’, a secret, one-of-a-kind experience. Five couples were selected from the MIMCOLLECTIVE community, real-life lovers, to take centre stage for this campaign. The lucky 10 selected encapsulated an array of individualism, style, personality and their unbreakable love for each other.

“This campaign is a celebration of love and how it can overcome and outlast any obstacle. Our couples are all very unique and spirited, they all admire Mimco & wear it their own way – and best of all, they are very much in love” says Cathryn Wills, Mimco Managing Director.

Filmmaker Nicole Rose holds reign as Director of the campaign’s film, encapsulating the true romance and intoxicating beauty of Mimco’s lovers, set in decadent manors. Melbourne was used as the backdrop for the campaign, paying homage to the brand’s origins, and was shot by James Geer bringing to life the city’s iconic laneways full of rich colour and art, lush gardens and ornate landmarks.

The result was strong, emotionally charged yet romantic imagery. “We chose locations that we felt personified Melbourne – relaxed, naturally beautiful and full of hidden treasures” says Wills.

The collection arrived in stores in mid January; check it out online now.


Images courtesy of Mimco

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