Men don’t usually get as much attention in the fashion industry but seeing as we’ve hit Movember, we’re giving you all a wrap up of our Top 10 Power Males in the industry

1. Karl Lagerfeld

A man who needs no introduction. If you’re thinking, “Karl who?” – you’re on the wrong website. To define as one thing him would be an insult – fashion designer, photographer, artist, creative director, mastermind, everything Chanel, chic and dare we say it, all things couture. This man is a superstar in the industry.

2. Tim Blanks

The legend behind Often described as iconic or a veteran of the fashion industry, Blanks’ job title falls under creative director, curator, commentator and reporter. How he got there? – “A fashion magazine offered me a job. So I took it, it was as simple as that” (told to AnOther magazine).

3. Kris Smith

No, he’s not just number there for his pretty face and we’re proud to claim him as an Australian local. Kris is a Myer Ambassador, often seen alongside Jen Hawkins, and describes his favourite designers as “genuine blokes”. With his dashing looks combined with impeccable taste, Kris is a Melbourne fashion icon.

4. Phillip Treacy

In light of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, we thought London’s milliner extraordinaire, Phillip Treacy, was appropriate to include on our list. You may not recognize his face, but his designs are unforgettable. From the Givenchy Haute Couture collection to Sex and the City, Harry Potter and the British Royal Family, Treacy owns it with his exquisite designs. Even Lady Gaga paid this millinery master a tribute at this years London Fashion Week.

5. Kevin Carrigan

The Global Creative Director of Calvin Klein and an expert on denim, Kevin Carrigan is a sophisticated and fashionable man. He has been in CK since 1998 and is highly respected among the industry. Couturing had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin for Men’s Week and you can hear what he has to say here

6. Grant Pearce

Two years ago this very well dressed man left Australia to further fly his fashion career. Locally and globally Pearce has worked in styling, creative and editorial direction for GQ, Men’s Vogue and has been involved in festival direction for LMFF. Described as one of Australia’s best dressed men, we think Pearce is a perfect fit for our group of power males.


7. Alber Elbaz

Known not only for his iconic creative work at Lanvin, one of the world’s most well revered fashion house, but also recognized for his signature thick-rimmed glasses and novelty bowties. Alber Elbaz was the man with big dreams who made them happen. You can read about celebrating his decade of work in the house of Lanvin here


8. Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist

There’s nothing ‘new’ about street style journalism now, but Scott Schuman was one of the first. Starting The Sartorialist in 2005, he is now a household name. Starting with just a digital camera in hand to a published book selling over 10,000 copies, his passion, work and dedication to fashion is inspiring.


9. Bill Cunningham

One of our favourites, Bill Cunningham is an American fashion photographer renown for the quirky and candid “On The Street” series for The New York Times. The man is in his 80s and still going strong, need we say more?

10. Philip Boon

Of course we’d end on a local. You may recognise Philip Boon from the red carpet; he is one of Australia’s biggest celebrity stylists and has appeared on Australia’s Next Top Model and Runway to L.A. Boon’s style is simply flawless and so is his work. He believes Melbourne to be our most stylish city in Australia, which we can’t help but love him for.

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