The La Máscara Beverage range launches with Dan Murphy’s nationwide with its collection of premium, all natural and ready to serve cocktails, bringing a touch of class to any occasion.

La Máscara is the brainchild of a team of inspired cocktail lovers, including Real Housewives of Melbourne (RHOM) star Jackie Gillies and her rockstar husband Ben Gillies of Silverchair.

La Máscara is inspired by the beautiful and glamorous masks of the Carnivale festivals of South America and Europe, produced using the finest single origin organic coffee beans, and natural juices, sugars, flavours and colours. The focus of the brand is using high quality natural ingredients with the ultimate flavour combinations meaning all you need is to chill, serve and garnish for an impressive cocktail!

The current range includes Cloudy Apply and Mint Mojito, Raspberry and Lime Cosmo and Espresso Martini.

La Máscara Cloudy Apple and Mint Mojito

La Máscara_Mojito Bottle&Box_FA01

A fresh and fabulous version of the ever popular mojito. The unique combination of natural lime and mint with cloudy apple juice makes this a truly delicious cocktail for any occasion. Simply serve chilled, over ice, and garnish with fresh mint and a slice of lime.

La Máscara Raspberry and Lime Cosmo

La Máscara_Cosmo Bottle&Box_FA01

The classic cosmo with a new twist, made from juicy raspberry and refreshing lime. Produced from all natural ingredients, enjoy the cocktail experience on any occasion. Chill, shake, serve in an elegant glass with a garnish of sliced lime or 3 raspberries.

La Máscara Espresso Martini

La Máscara_Martini Bottle&Box_FA01

This velvety smooth martini is made with cold drip filtered coffee for the perfect espresso taste. The skillful blend of six single origin beans creates a rich flavour, expertly finished with natural vanilla. Chill, shake, serve in an elegant glass.

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RRP $24.99 per bottle, available at all Dan Murphy’s stores Australia-wide and

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