Once the first Australian stop for many European immigrants, Yarraville has undergone a slow transformation. Now it’s one of the hippest, happening spots in the inner west. The suburb’s long history is reflected in the range of cuisines packed into the few small streets, alongside a scattering of boutiques and oddity shops. As an up and comer on the train of groovy go-tos, this is a quick guide to the Yarravillian pride and joys.

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The Cornershop

9 Ballarat St

Cornershop is this suburb’s Mecca. Inside there’s softly polished wood, small tables and low benches, plus a large communal table. The courtyard is roofed so you can stay snug and avoid the rumble. Open all day, this cafe presents the classics like smashed avocado, but is mostly Mediterranean inspired food with a wide range of desserts. Yet the real beauty of Cornershop lies in the breakfasts. The scrambled eggs with cavolo nero are cheesy piece of heaven, and although they come out looking unassuming, these guys pack one tasty punch. And if you’re after a healthier start, the quinoa porridge is all kinds of divine.  Add two delicious coffees to your meal and you’re sitting on top of the world. And don’t be worried by the manufactured coolness of the staff, they’re always friendly and efficient. However as a hotspot, it does get pretty busy and the communal tables get a lot of use, mostly by youngsters and newbies.

Hint: Wee Jeanie two blocks away is owned by the same people, and rumoured to make even better coffee in a more intimate space.


The Sun Theatre

8 Ballarat Street

Local independent cinemas are a thing of beauty. That tacky neon rising sun marks the Sun Theatre, and puts a smile on local faces. Inside the Sun’s brick walls there’s an immediate intimacy. Comfort meets class in its low-lit carpet and cream layout. Each of their six screens has its own art deco feel. The Grand, with staircases and sweeping curtains hosts the blockbusters. But if it’s a flick after a long day, choose the La Scala, where stiff rows of chairs are replaced by leather loveseats, perfect for cuddling. The Sun shows standard releases as well as smaller ones, and the occasional independent work.


Yarra Lounge

7 Ballarat St

After a long day of eating a range of meals, picking through odd shops and viewing movies, you’ll need to relax with some wine. Yarraville has several little bars, many offering jazz and tapas. Yarra lounge is the largest and the most laid back, no reservations, no fancy pants. Above the dominating wooden bar sits a scribbled blackboard menu, a cute touch inviting people to step up and order. The wood panels blend with the red walls and the patterned ceilings for an intimate feel. Spread down the front of the path are a couple of tables where you can sit and people watch, and there are always people to watch in Yarraville. Drinks are standard, fancy beer, normal wine, and a crisp cocktail menu. If you can get them, the jugs of sangria are delicious, so buy two, one for you and one for your best gal pals.

Here are some other little show stoppers that will have you checking Yarraville’s listings on domain:

Jazz and wine: http://www.acquaevino.com.au/

Granny’s baking: http://hausfrau.com.au/

Knick knack gift shop: http://www.villageidiom.com.au/

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