We’re in the first of month of Winter and already everyone’s skin is screaming for help! Luck for us, there have been some great new skincare products that have arrived on shelves that will help! I’ve had the opportunity to road test some of these over the last couple of months and over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing with you some of these great finds!

This week, we start off with one of hydration booster, CeraVe’s new Hydrating Hyraluronic Acid Serum.

What does it do?

CeraVe arrived on our shores last year bringing their range of cult skincare from the US. The brand’s affordable and effective range focuses on helping repair ceramide deficiencies in the skin barrier with advanced formulations featuring skin identical ceramides delivered through patented technology. The aim is to help restore the natural skin barrier and do it without irritating the skin due to the formulations being fragrance free, paraben free and non-greasy.

The new Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum is a new addition to the range, aiming to replenish hydration to lock in moisture. Featuring Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the serum looks to lock in moisture for 24 hours using this superhero ingredient, and combined with the Ceramides, it aims to not only help hydrate the skin but also help restore the skin’s barrier and prevent moisture loss. Vitamin B5 also in the formulation to reduce skin irritation and is allergy tested, fragrance-free, paraben-free, non comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

What I liked about it?

HAs are everywhere at the moment due to the unique ability to lock in moisture but what makes this serum different is the formulation. The key is the addition of the ceramides to help repair the skin barrier. Locking in moisture is definitely what we need in the colder months and the hyaluronic acid to helps to keep your skin hydrated. The ceramides help to repair the skin barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating. The double effect has helped to keep my face hydrated during the day. My skin looks smoother and feels more supple. Definitely a godsend during lockdown and the beginnings of winter.

The gel-cream formulation is lightweight and you only need 1-2 pumps per use. It is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave any residue or sticky feeling. I found it best as a foundation layer underneath a moisturiser to help increase and lock in hydration.  I really felt like it helped to keep my skin hydrated during the day when I used it in the morning. A thin layer applied to my face after cleansing followed by a SPF day moisturiser. The smoothness and suppleness of my skin was really pleasing, especially when sitting in a heated room all day. I found that the ease of application and easy absorption make this a definite addition to my skincare kit this Winter. The serum is super affordable and available at Chemist Warehouse meaning you’re not going to be breaking the bank to look after your skin.

Cerave Hydrating Hyraluronic Acid Serum ($23.99) is available at Chemist Warehouse. For more information visit www.cerave.com.au

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