Thessy Kouzoukas and Yiota Karalouka have always loved fashion. From chronicling their daily outfits on Instagram, beginning a blog, and now running one of the internet’s most clickable online stores, Sabo Skirt. They took the time out to speak with Couturing about their inspirations, moving their designs offline, and the power of social media.

Sabo Skirt begun as a blog; did you always envision shifting your brand to being an online store?

When we started our fashion blog, we did not envision ourselves utilizing it for any purpose other than a hobby that we could bond over. When we first started in 2010, online clothing stores were a fairly new concept so we did not see ourselves owning one. Our blog followers included people from all over the world, so when we started receiving an overwhelming amount of interest in our daily outfits, we thought that an online store that could deliver worldwide was a perfect fit for our goals and situation.

You are avid social media users; how do you think your presence online has affected your success?

We can definitely see a strong correlation between our Social Media presence and our success as an online store. When our Instagram profile really started to take off in 2012, we noticed a boost in our sales so we began to strategise and plan all of our Instagram posts in order to really maximize its potential.


Sabo Skirt is now available offline in David Jones, was getting the collections into a real-world store a goal you set out to accomplish? 

Being stocked by David Jones was such a huge accomplishment for both of us. When we were approached by DJs, it was beyond our wildest dreams, as we did not expect to be stocked in a department store at such an early stage of our business.

 You add 50 styles per month to the site; how long is the process between designing a look and it being available for purchase?

Depending on the intricacy of the design and whether it has one of our exclusively designed prints on it, the design to sale time can be anywhere from 4-10 weeks.


The pieces in the collection are all incredibly covetable, and easy to wear, but what are your must haves?

At the moment, we are in love with the Spanish Dress for our summery, overseas adventures, the Orchid Maxi for dressier occasions and all of our stripe tees and knits for day to day wear.

Finally, who is the Sabo Skirt girl?

The Sabo Skirt girl is always changing her style – she can go from dressing like a boho goddess to a city-chic girl all in the same day! But above all, she is always on trend and stylish.

Images courtesy of Sabo Skirt

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