Bringing together technology and beauty together is something James Vivian has done with the Cosmeceutical Curator, an online clinic to help bridge the gap between consumer and clinic. We caught up with James to find out a bit more about how he came up with this unique concept and what are some of his biggest tips to keep skin healthy.



The Cosmeceutical Curator is such an interesting concept in the world of Beauty. Bringing technology and beauty together. Tell us a bit more about it?


The Cosmeceutical Curator was created to bridge the gap between the clinic and the world wide web. More and more, clients are looking to the internet for advice, quick fixes and skincare purchases which don’t always yield the desired results, so we’ve tried to create a platform whereby clients can receive the same level of expertise and care they would in a clinic, in addition to having access to the same great cosmeceuticals that we sell in our clinics. Cosmeceuticals should never be sold without a prescription as they need to be paired with the correct skin to work their magic!



How did you come up with the concept?


The inspiration for The Cosmeceutical Curator was taken from our interstate and international clients who would often call or email in search of skincare advice. We would always suggest that they seek out face-to-face assistance closer to home, but despite this, still insisted that we helped. Therefore, we created a smart and simple website for clients to book their consultation appointments and replenish their products.


What are some of the things you’re seeing from clients and what has the feedback been?


More than anything, our clients are loving having access to skincare advice where access to such information may be inaccessible, intimidating or inconvenient. Our clients are also enjoying the curated approach we take to formulating skincare prescriptions, by taking into consideration over 12-brands to make the perfect homecare prescription. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to skincare and not one brand can be everything to everyone. Therefore, we love to pick and choose the products we stock so that every skin can get the ingredients they need, in the dosages they require.


As part of your work, what are the 5 common skin problems you see?


  • Living in Australia, the effects the sun has on the skin keep us very busy with sun damage-related issues, such as pigmentation and facial redness.


  • We are also known for our abilities to get a skin looking extremely bright and healthy, thereby assisting dull, lacklustre skin-types.


  • Many skins exhibit mild-to-severe congesting underneath the skin. This can also coincide with breakouts, but releasing this congestion is always extremely satisfying as the skin is so much smoother to touch and clearer to see.


  • Skin-type aside, we are often consulting to clients who have been using incorrect skincare or following inappropriate advice and as a consequence their skins are poorly functioning and in some extreme cases, irritated and inflamed.


  • Pore size! So many of us look in the mirror and see a myriad of enlarged pores staring back at us. The good news is that we are always our worst critic, so they always appear larger to us than anyone else.



How can you combat these skin problems?


  • The use of mild-to-medium chemical peeling treatments, as well as laser and light-based treatments can reduce or remove sun damage-related concerns and are fabulous when combined together. Homecare products can support this process, but are especially effective in maintaining the results on in-clinic treatments.


  • The application of active ingredients, such as vitamin’s A, B and C, in addition to gentle exfoliating acids, such as lactic acid, can really nourish and help make the skin glow more upon each application.


  • In-clinic treatments, such as mild chemical peeling treatments will also expedite the removal of underlying congestion, however, using ingredients such as salicylic acid and vitamin A can also see a huge improvement from homecare alone.


  • Putting some time aside to chat with a skincare professional and ensuring that they physically inspect your skin is crucial when selecting skincare products.


  • Once again, in-clinic treatments, such as chemical peeling treatments will do amazing things to pore size, as well as regular at-home exfoliation, toning and fastidious cleansing.



As we come into Summer, what are your top tips for keeping a healthy glow?


The sun literally zaps the skin’s natural stores of hydration, so maintaining a suitable level of hydration, both by drinking water and applying water-based serums, such as hyaluronic acid, is essential over the summer months. Obviously, being as fastidious with your sun protection not only in the mornings, but also by reapplying throughout the day. All sunblocks stop working after a set period of time and render you susceptible to skin cancers and premature ageing. We keep our sunblocks on us at all times! Also, sunblocks are only one line of defence, so don’t forget to cover up with clothing, hats and sunglasses. Lastly, most skins behave differently over summer than they do during winter, so consider adapting your skincare by chatting with your skincare professional, or of course, by booking a complimentary consultation with The Cosmeceutical Curator.




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