Pink and pink on pink, with a bit of coffee brown thrown in. Well it can’t all be clean and beautiful! It’s good to get a little dirty. That’s what I think, when I think of frank body.

Get naked, get dirty, get rough and get clean. This method of “tough love” has taken off all over the world.  Since 2013 Melburnians and babes all over the world have been getting dirty with frank body. frank body Coffee Scrub and other caffeinated body products professes to clean, invigorate and enliven skin, as well as offering targeted treatments for stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, scars and acne. Coffee is pretty much good for awakening anything, so skin makes sense. This coffee-based skincare made in Australia is packed with vitamins, minerals and essential oils for smooth, supple skin. frank body is an expert at all things rough and smooth. 

frank body_Face Range

But getting dirty with frank body just got a whole lot cleaner with the brand launching a new range of caffeinated face products, which look dirty so that we can look clean. To welcome you to your new beauty regime, the new range of frank body includes the Everyday Face Moisturiser, a Creamy Face Scrub and a Creamy Face Cleanser.

To celebrate these fabulous and dirty new products we were welcomed to the House of Frank for the night for the launch party, and like I said, it was all pink. Check-in time was 6:30pm and we were encouraged to kick back and relax in some lovely pink cotton dressing gowns, with an espresso martini in hand, naturally. All of the frank body girls were there to get the party started, taking cheeky polaroids of everyone and handing out generous dollops of frank body body balm and moisturisers. Do these girls have the best job or what!

The Everyday Face Moisturiser is gentle enough for sensitive skin, while targeted for those with blemishes and other skin imperfections. It contains Vitamin E, Cocoa butter and Shea butter to hydrate and repair skin, and target dryness and fine lines. Coconut, grape seed and almond oils nourish the skin and soothe irritation without blocking pores.

The Creamy Face Scrub is gentle and rough all at once, targeting dry, flaky skin with a fine coffee grind that’s perfect for sweet cheeks. It tends to thirsty skin with a combination of three natural oils: grape seed, sweet almond and coconut.

The Cleanser has green coffee bean extract as the key ingredient, which helps to rejuvenate skin and stimulate blood flow while targeting imperfections. The charcoal in the cleanser detoxifies clogged pores and absorbs oil on the face. And finally the marshmallow root soothes and reduces redness leaving skin super clean, super soft and super fresh.


The House of Frank left me well-moisturised, well-hydrated and most-likely smelling of coffee. Also I’m fairly certain my pupils are now permanently tinged pink. Frankly, I would definitely return to this hotel again.

When you combine 5 star drinks, 5 star canapés, 5 star service and 5 star skincare products, you get a party with the perfect combination of dirty and clean.


Check out the new frank body range at

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