It’s impossible not to fall in love with Australian model Silvana Lovin. Whenever the Romanian-born beauty walks into a room, with her exotic features and mile long legs, heads can’t help but turn. Lovin started modeling when she was 17 after she won “The Face of Melbourne Fashion Festival” competition and became the face of the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2001. After winning, despite being naturally shy, Lovin decided to compete in reality TV show ‘Ford’s Search For A Supermodel’ where she was placed amongst the top three finalists.


You would expect having a gaggle of models in a house all competing for supermodel supremacy may not have been the most positive experience, however despite efforts to pry juicy stories out of her, Lovin speaks fondly of her time on the show and other contestants. Admitting that she at times felt intimidated by the other girls, Silvana says it was “a great experience which was fantastic for networking,” with no downsides eleven years down the track. Lovin said she is still working with people she met on the show and would definitely recommend up-and-coming models entering similar reality TV shows to raise their profile – it worked for her!


Lovin arrived for her shoot with Couturing at the beautiful penthouse suite within The Olsen Hotel in South Yarra, looking amazing in tight black pants, a fitted black leather jacket, perfectly accessorised with a dark maroon patent Louis Vuitton bag which she picked up on her travels. When asked to describe her personal style, Lovin said it was “always changing depending on the way I feel when I wake up in the morning. But basically I like to keep things simple.” As clichéd as it sounds, Lovin could make a paper bag the must-have accessory for the season.



Working this season’s metallic trends with ease, it was impossible to get a bad shot of Lovin. Her advice on how to work metallics into your wardrobe this season? “I’m loving metallic jeans at the moment, but if you’re not ready for gold pants, then you can accessorise with a simple metallic clutch or just some gold or silver jewellery.”

Despite the ever fluctuating Melbourne weather there were a few issues during the shoot, namely seeing sun one minute and then rain the next. Shooting in the cold soon became a reality however, Lovin ever the professional, never complained. There wasn’t an ounce of diva about her, in fact her warmness and openness made you feel like you had been friends forever.


So what’s next for Lovin? After modeling for almost a decade, Lovin has decided to pursue her love for acting. Studying at the prestigious NIDA and taking courses with industry professionals such as Ivana Chubbuck, Lovin is not just another model looking to make the transition. She wants to do it right. Already featuring in short and feature films such as Talio, The Beast and Vanished, Lovin is keen to expand her acting repertoire.


When asked what appeals to her about acting, Lovin said she “loves the chance to play a character and be someone else.” She also finds it a great creative outlet, which has been a passion of hers for a while now. After modeling for almost a decade, she feels that the time is now right to try and make the move into something different.


Set to move to LA at the start of May where she wants to pursue this dream, Lovin has just signed with the prestigious Wilhelmina Models, who represents some of the top stars in the entertainment industry. When asked where she sees herself in a year’s time, Lovin hopes to be “working in the entertainment industry, hopefully making a successful transition into acting.”


With her stunning looks and sweet personality, there is no doubt that Silvana Lovin has the world at her feet. It’s an exciting time for Silvana and we wish you all the best of luck.

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