One of the most watched shows on TV this year, The Voice has captured the imagination of the Australian public. It’s not just the charismatic judges who have got all the attention, the amazing contestants have proved to be just as popular.

Couturing recently shot an American rock themed shoot with The Voice contestant Nick Len, and the beautiful Ashlee Treacy. Describing his style as classic, favouring jeans and t-shirts, Len grunged it up for Couturing in a range of denim and Americana style looks.

After turning Joel Madden’s chair in the audition rounds, Len joined the cast of one of Australia’s top rating shows. Although losing to close friend Lakyn Hepri in the Battlerounds, Len said that his experience on The Voice was his greatest memory in performing to date. Although he didn’t win, of his experience on the show, Len said “I feel like I’ve won a battle within myself to not care about what people think, and to just go out there and get it!” He also spoke highly of Madden who, despite being on a reality TV show, really put the contestants first as an artist.

Surrounded by a music loving family, Len started playing the piano at 5, continuing exams until the age of 16. After taking up singing, Len soon won numerous awards and sung beside some of Australia’s top singing talents such as Paulini, Jade McCrae, Gary Pinto and Andrew DeSilva.

Taking his love for music further, Len was a part of two Australian Hip Hop Championship winning teams, travelling to Las Vegas to compete at the world championships.

As much as dancing started to become a large facet of his life, Len kept music as close to his heart. Quickly realising that in order to be successful in the industry, you need to be equipped with as many skills as possible, Len started his Bachelor of Music at University, majoring in Audio Production. This was a large learning curve for him, as he was only ever used to being on the performers’ side.

In 2011, Len received a scholarship to study Performing Arts at Patrick Studios Australia. This is where things really started to look up for him and where all his years of hard work started to tie together. Studying under some of Australia’s top teachers, he was stretched so far out of my comfort zone, branching out from just hip hop dancing to learning jazz, commercial, ballet, tap, contemporary, lyrical styles of dance amongst many others. This is where he started to learn how to be an artist, and not just a performer.

So what’s next for Len? He was recently named Associate Music Director/Performer for Barry Humphries (Dame Edna) Eat Pray Laugh farewell tour that will be touring around Australia and New Zealand for 3 months. He is also looking to get into the studio and recording an EP, and collaborating with some top local artists.

When asked about his experiences in the industry so far, Len said “The industry is a tough world. I know it sounds cliché, but you will only stand out if you work hard. And by working hard, I mean working so hard that there is no option but to be great at what you do. I’m a strong believer in loving your craft, and not just going through the motions.”

Len believes the most challenging part of being in the industry is all the preparation and self-discipline you need to have. Performing is the easy part. Sounding wise beyond his years, Len emphasised that it is the everyday things that make you successful in this industry the hardest. “Waking up at 6AM every morning to go to the gym, to be in training all day, to keep pushing yourself, to me that is the most challenging. Mentally it’s really tough! It’s all worth it in the end when you get to travel, meet some extraordinary people, get paid to do what you absolutely love, and most importantly inspire and make people happy when they watch you perform. That is what it’s all about.”

We wish Nick all the best for his career ahead. We have no doubt he is set for amazing things.

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Article by Lisa Teh

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