A multitude of our favourite beauty brands employ celebrities regularly as ‘the face’ of their products. Well known, iconic labels often rely on assistance from famous faces in the media to generate publicity and covet worthy appeal of their cosmetics. Using famous faces in ad campaigns can be a clever marketing tool that allows brands to not only sell a simple product but also the life of its star. Beauty brands channel consumers’ fascination with celebrities by using them to promote their brands, offering them the chance to become like their favourite stars. Couturing explores some of the biggest beauty brands and the famous faces that represent them.

Natalie Portman for Dior 


Christian Dior wanted to create a fragrance “that smells like love” and the result was Miss Dior. Actress, Natalie Portman, has been the face of the iconic perfume since 2010. As a beautiful, sexy but also elegant celebrity she seems an ideal representative for the sophisticated French fashion house.

Portman regards working with Dior as “an honour” because “not only does it have an incredible history but also values [she] can really stand behind”. The actress did her research to ensure the company was run ethically without animal testing or forest depletion. Another important consideration for the star was to love the scent she represents. Portman says she responds to Miss Dior’s sheek elegance with rose and jasmine scents, describing it as “the most beautiful, sultry smell”.

The latest Miss Dior commercial was shot by Tim Walker and directed by Sophia Coppola imbuing viewers with a sense of young love personified by Portman. The star encourages the public to wear perfume because “it makes you feel more feminine and glamorous”. Dior hints that wearing this perfume can give you a romantic, beautiful and sensual life that mirrors that of Portman’s.

Keira Knightley- Chanel 


Coco Mademoiselle was created to encapsulate the essence of the revered designer Coco Chanel. The fresh, feminine fragrance has been represented by actress Keira Knightley, a modern, chic, edgy woman since 2007. Chanel executive, Christine Dagousset, says Knightley is “incredibly alluring and seductive, possessing beauty, elegance and modernity that parallel other iconic Chanel faces”. What makes her the perfect face is her “vein of irreverence that is similar to Mademoiselle Chanel herself”.

Keira decided to engage with the brand because “the feeling [she got] being a small part of an entity that everyone admires, represented something really powerful” to her. Coco Mademoiselle was the first woman’s perfume she ever wore as she dislikes light and flowery scents. To her, the fragrance is neither sweet nor overpowering, and “makes you feel you can stand up straight”. Ultimately, the perfume is her fragrance offering “the feeling of power” she searched for but only ever found in men’s colognes.

Represented as a strong, independent woman, Chanel seeks to sell the fragrance to those who admire these qualities.

Patrick Dempsey for L’Oreal


Otherwise known as “Doctor McDreamy”, Patrick Dempsey is an ambassador of L’Oreal for Men. Renowned for his role on Grey’s Anatomy and with a wealth of People’s Choice Awards and Golden Globes, the actor is irresistible and talented. L’Oreal chose to work with Dempsey because of this talent as well as his generosity and sincerity that they believe “make him a perfect spokesmodel” for the brand. Fronting campaigns including L’Oreal Aftershave Splash, the actor says he appreciates “the dynamics of L’Oreal Paris as it constantly provides high quality products with the latest technology”. He chose to work with L’Oreal as he “shares its values of diversity and openness to the world”.

Scarlet Johansson- Dolce and Gabbana 

scarlett dolce and gabbana











Scarlett Johansson oozes sensuality as the face of Dolce and Gabbana Beauty. The Italian powerhouse, long known for its sex appeal, represents products such as their Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation and the Desire fragrances with the sultry actress. Dolce and Gabbana say “Scarlett was a natural choice for us…incarnating the Dolce&Gabbana woman with her beauty and sensuality”.

The opulent and feminine fragrance, Desire, is perfectly embodied by Johansson who is flirtatious and sexy just like the scent and desired by many. As the face of D&G cosmetics, the brand believes she “affirms the otherworldy, dreamy, spiritual allure of Ethereal Beauty”.

Johansson chose to work with the brand because she “admired their focus on femininity and the way the designers portray women in passionate, audacious ways” . She thoroughly enjoys working with the label and is inspired by the creators’ “level of involvement and care and time put into their work”.

Emily Blunt – Yves Saint LaurentEmily Blunt Opium













“One of the most prominent and respected actresses of her generation”, Emily Blunt is the face of Yves Saint Laurent’s fragrance Opium.  The scent is fruity and aromatic with a rich and spicy oriental structure conjured from notes of mandarin, jasmine and vanilla.

Blunt feels “honoured” to work with Yves Saint Laurent because of its “perfect expression of elegance and mystical, indestructible power”. She says the brand “speaks to women who put inner strength, warmth and power into everything they do”. Blunt was attracted to Opium because of the “aura of scandal around the perfume”. Although she had been asked to work with a variety of other brands, she chose YSL because “none were as classy as this”. What interested her about the campaign was its mystical elements that made it slightly out of the ordinary.

While she might have “no idea” why she was chosen to embody the evocative perfume, her beauty, talent and versatility are clear reasons YSL considers her an opiate.

Images courtesy of Chanel, YSL, L’Oreal and Dior

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