For your wedding, choosing the perfect hairstyle is just as important as picking the right gown, flowers and makeup.  The most important thing to consider when choosing the right hairstyle is your face shape. Having a round face or a heart shaped face can really make or break the hairstyle that you want to achieve. For maximum results, pick your face shape from the list below and see what we recommend for your special day.

IF YOU HAVE AN OVAL FACE… You are a very lucky girl! If you have an oval face, you can hold nearly any hairstyle so don’t be afraid to experiment. A romantic up-do is a perfect bridal hairstyle, but why not add a braid for extra dimension. This is a soft and sweet look for any bride who wants a fuss-free style. If you like the braided look but prefer it to be subtle, you can also try relaxed French plaits pulled back into a loose chignon. This is a very popular look done by many celebrities, including Jessica Alba who is lucky to have an oval shaped face. This is definitely a look that will not disappoint!


IF YOU HAVE A HEART FACE… Soft and pretty styles are always great for those with heart-shaped faces. For an up-do hairstyle, go for a centre part with soft waves pulled into a soft bun.  The great thing about having a heart-shaped face is that you can also go for a voluminous up-do for a dramatic look. Whether you decide to have your bun low, or placed high on your head, it will always make a great platform for your veil.   Don’t want your hair to be fully up or all down? Why not try a half-up, half-down style with soft waves. Once you have created loose waves, twist half of your hair into a low ponytail. This is also a great if you want to wear a veil, as the comb can be secured well in the base of the ponytail. For those who want to wear your hair down, a beautiful sweeping fringe can help to frame your face, and a natural, blown out tresses will give you a sleep modern look.

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IF YOU HAVE A ROUND FACE..  If you have a round face it is best to avoid centre parts. Having a side part will stop your face from looking too symmetrical. Also avoid fullness and volume around your face, keeping any height or volume around your crown. Loose waves or a sleek up-do are the perfect choices to slim a round face. Complete your look with a beautiful beaded headband or floral clips, depending on the theme of wedding and the style of the dress.

IF YOU HAVE A DIAMOND FACE…  Just like an oval shaped face, a variety of styles will suite your face. Old-school Hollywood styles always work well with your face shape. Miranda Kerr, along with other celebrities, have taken inspiration from these retro looks and translated them into popular styles. Keeping the curls low and perfect like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly will definitely give you a glamourous look on your wedding day. To optimise this look, part your hair deep on one side.

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Once you have chosen the hairstyle that you want for your special day, it is very important to have a hair trial before the wedding. This will ensure that your hairdresser can create your perfect hairstyle on the day. This will also give you the opportunity to make sure you are 100% positive that you like the style and that you are happy with the result. Good luck with all your preparations – no matter what face shape you have, you are sure to look amazing!

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