As the days become milder and the evenings cool down, so too should your home transform for the new season. After all, natural landscapes everywhere change dramatically during the transitional phase that is autumn; it makes sense for trendy homeowners to want their interior décor to do the same. If your autumns are typically marked by boring things like less air con usage or outdoor furniture going into storage, make 2015 your year to change things up by reflecting the new season with a home design makeover. Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration.


Colour Me Autumn

Spring may be known as the most vibrant season in terms of colour, but there’s no denying that autumn offers a distinctly beautiful palette as well. And your home is the perfect canvas on which to unleash this unique range of hues. Even minor changes or additions can be enough to introduce the colours of autumn into your home. Cover your dining table with an orange tablecloth and find some homeware items to match it, or add some crimson or dark green cushions to your couch. If you’ve got the money and time for a bigger makeover, transform one of your walls into a deep purple feature wall. You could even order in new carpet with an earthy tone; get some ideas from carpet specialists like Stainmaster (click here to view their range online).

A Layout Metamorphosis

If you’re redecorating on a budget, don’t think for a second that an autumn makeover is beyond reach. Instead of purchasing new items, focus on what you already have and the current way in which your furniture is laid out. Making a few adjustments can completely reshape the look and feel of a room. Some changes could even be practical as well as stylistic, such as moving couches closer to the side of the room where sunlight hits in the morning or moving gathering points away from the air conditioner now that you won’t be using it so much.


A Subtle, Seasonal Change

A single home decoration or artwork could be all you need to add that little touch of autumn to your home. Visit some nearby galleries or antique stores or do some browsing online. Keep your eye out for any pieces that capture the essence of the season, either through their colours or themes. If you’ve already adopted one of the ideas above, your new decoration doesn’t even need to be autumn-related as long as it complements the rest of the room’s décor. Don’t be afraid of being either too subtle or too bold; autumn is a season of both small and big changes in nature, so either should be an option for your interior design as well.

Autumn is, in essence, a season of transformation. So if it’s been a while since your home’s last redecoration, the changes happening outside should inspire you to change things up inside as well. What colours or trends invoke thoughts of autumn in your mind? How will you be representing the change of season in your home this year? Share your ideas and thoughts with other readers in the comments below.

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