Today is World Chocolate Day meaning that there is no excuse not to eat chocolate for the whole day! Here is some exciting ways to enjoy one of the world’s favourite foods.


Calling all chocoholics! To celebrate World Chocolate Day, Belgian chocolatier GODIVA will be giving away 400 of its signature beverage, the Chocolixir for FREE! Available in Dark and Milk chocolate only, customers can redeem the offer from 12pm on Saturday 7th July by simply showing they are following GodivaAustralia on Instagram or Facebook.
Level 1, Emporium, 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Menulog has revealed the weirdest and most wonderful chocolate meals available for delivery, as well as new data on how Aussies indulge in the sweet treat.

Menulog are encouraging Aussies to step outside their comfort zones this World Chocolate Day with over 2,000 chocolate dishes available to order through the platform. From Chocolate Pate to Chocolate Nachos, there’s a weird and wonderful chocolate dish for every after (or before) dinner treat.

  • Chocolate Grasshopper: Fine Affair (VIC) a delicious, gourmet mint chocolate milkshake (sans the six legs)
  • Afous Chocolate Pate: Afous Moroccan and Spanish Tapas(NSW) pure decadence, a chocolate lover can’t do better than chocolate pate
  • Chocolate Harumaki: Ichi Ichi Ku Izakaya (VIC) and May’s Thai (NSW) quintessential Asian appetiser, adapted as a dessert
  • Chocolate Nachos: Cioccolato Dessert Restaurant (QLD) crunchy, chocolatey and topped with whipped cream
  • Momo Chocolate: Little Momo (NSW) steamed dumpling filled with chocolate, served with vanilla ice-cream
  • Chocolate Fudge Sanga: Desserts Delivered (VIC) Belgian chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two almond-coated cookies
  • Baby Jiggle Chocolate Cheesecake: Jiggle Cheesecake (NSW) a lush dessert that never disappoints
  • Chocolate Burfi: Hemani(NSW) a traditional milk and sugar based Indian sweet, with the added magic of chocolate
  • Chocolate Samosa: Cinnamon Club (NSW) switching up a classic with crunchy fried Indian pastry, dark chocolate and whipped cream
  • Chocklava: Jasmin 1 Lebanese  (NSW) a trendy modern twist on a Middle Eastern favourite.

If dishes named after crunchy insects aren’t quite your cup of hot chocolate, there are a range of delicious chocolate combinations proving a popular addition to online orders.

Top Chocolate Flavour Combinations

1.        Chocolate and berries e.g. Chocolate and Cherry Naan: Grill and Chill (WA) an indulgent chocolate naan, crusty dough filled with melted chocolate
2.        Chocolate and chilli e.g. Chilli Chocolate Mousse: The Son Thai Eatery (VIC) house-made with fresh strawberries, chocolate chips and candied nuts
3.        Chocolate and Salt e.g. Belgian Dark Salted Chocolate Brownie Slab: Relish Foods (NSW) a rich chocolate brownie with a salty centre
4.        The classic chocolate and Banana e.g. Nutella Choc Banana Pizza: Marty’s Pizza Hideout (VIC) a delicious sweet twist on the traditional Italian favourite

With more than 2000 chocolate dishes available to have delivered to your door, Australians are sure to have a sweet World Chocolate Day!

To find more chocolate dishes on Menulog, download the app or visit

Park St Dining

Enjoy a special blend of smooth hot chocolate from Park St. Dining. Serving a deliciously dark hot chocolate mix made on-site from 100% natural single origin, Peruvian cacao. The blend is mixed with natural blossom sugar to give it the perfect amount of sweetness. The rich and complex mix is very much a savoury drink with a honey sweetness and hints of spice.

815 Nicholson St, Carlton North


Bar Carolina

White chocolate lovers rejoice, Italian eatery Bar Carolina will be serving its signature Tiramisu for World Chocolate Day. Nestled on a bed of crumbled white chocolate sits a solid white chocolate sphere, surrounded by curling nitrogen smoke. Once cracked open, the Tiramisu spills out a sinful mix of savoiardi, mascarpone and coffee. Priced at $18.

44 Toorak Rd, South Yarra

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