A quick trip to the supermarket, pharmacy or doctor can quickly go wrong if you don’t keep an eye on the only thing between you and the road – your tyres. And even a flat tyre or small car accident can divert precious resources from hospitals and emergency services, as well as increase your risk and the risk of others who should be physically distancing.

Bob Jane T-Marts’ Rodney Jane says road safety is crucial, with or without the effects of COVID- 19, and everyone has a responsibility to check their tyres are safe for the road. “There’s never been a better time to check your tyre pressure, general condition and tread depth,” Rodney said. “When you need to head out, having healthy tyres ensures maximum control of your vehicle in dry and wet conditions, also improving efficient stopping distances when required.

Here are some tips from the team at Bob Jane T-Marts on how you can check the condition, tread and pressure of your tyres, and make sure you’re getting back on the road safely after isolation.

General wear and tear
You can easily inspect your tyres from home. Ensure you’re checking the sides of each tyre, as well as the entire tread width. Tyres can often wear unevenly so it is important to look at the entire tread wear not just the outside edge. Keep an eye out for bulges, cuts and tears. If you notice any of these or you’re unsure of something, visit your local tyre specialist and have them take a look.

Tyre pressure
Your tyre pressure can still drop if your car is parked and should be checked at least once a month. Locating your tyre pressures is easy – on most vehicles, a metal plate with the manufacturer recommended tyre pressures will be located on the inside edge of the driver’s side door. Tyre pressure is best checked when tyres are cold using a tyre pressure gauge. You can pick up a pressure gauge online or at your local motoring store, otherwise head to a service
station (it’s free).

Checking tread
Bob Jane T-Marts recommends the tread depth and general condition of your tyres should be checked every two weeks. If you don’t have a Bob Jane T-Marts tread depth checker you can use a hair pin, key or even the end of your sunglasses arm to measure your tread. You should have no less than 3mm of tread depth across the entire width of the tyre, and if you find you do or you are not sure, call your local tyre specialist to have them take a look.

Car batteries

As we head into the colder months and we’re driving considerably less, people will find their batteries are not charging as efficiently. Now is the time to make sure your battery isn’t going to let you down when you need it most.

Head into your local Bob Jane T-Marts and have the team check the condition of your car battery. Find your local store via this this link: https://www.bobjane.com.au/locate/stores.

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