“I worked only on the basis of observation and intuition, forming hypotheses and testing them for myself and on myself.”- Jeanine Marissal

You would be forgiven for thinking that the above quote has come straight out the pages of a scientific report, but on the contrary Marissal is the founder of a pioneering company in the beauty world, Biotherm.

The brand has come a long way since its inception into the beauty world back in 1952, and has made an innovative and advanced mark on skincare regimes around the world.

At the core of Biotherm skin care products is a micro-organism found in spring water, thermal plankton, which Marissal came across in the south of France and quickly realised its potential to be used in skin care products. The plankton is rich in elements and minerals that together renews and soothes the skin.

Up until the early seventies, Biotherm was only available to those in France, Belgium and Canada. However, when L’Oreal acquired the company in 1970 it allowed the products to be distributed to more than 40 countries in the world, allowing more women to reap the benefits of the revolutionary product.

Biotherm produced the world’s first anti-wrinkle sun care product as well as their cult product of the 1970’s Crème Amincissante, which was a clinically tested slimming cream which reduced the effects of cellulite over a period of two months, which propelled the brand to the number one spot of best selling beauty brand.

In the 1980’s the company forged through with more developments and innovative products. It was the first beauty brand to develop a skincare line for men, as well as creating the world’s first self-tanning moisturiser in 1986.

The 90’s saw Biotherm being able to isolate the purest form of their miracle ingredient, thermal plankton, after years of research and this resulted in the development of their best selling moisturiser Aquasource as well as their first fragrance Eau Vitaminée. They also led the battle against the signs of ageing and the reduction of wrinkles with their first anti-aging skincare Skin Vivo in the new millennium.

Biotherm was and continues to be inspired by the earth’s living waters in order to develop skincare solutions that work in affinity with and compliment your skin.

Over five decades later, the brand still maintains their strong reputation and rich history in the beauty industry and continues to be at the forefront of leading skin care products and a favourite amongst women as well as men for transforming and renewing their skin.



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