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Lancôme’s Australian makeup director, Lara Srokowski, has been very busy as of late. Between creating the beauty look for Daniel Avakian at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia to creating some of the beauty looks at the Prix de Marie Claire awards to working on a special Lancôme projects with blogger sensation Nicole Warne a.k.a. Gary Pepper Girl, we were very excited that she was able to find some time to chat to Couturing about what’s happening in the world of Lancôme and beauty.


Tell us a little bit about the look you created for Daniel Avakian’s runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. How did you come up with the colour palette and what process is involved when it comes to preparing the runway looks?

I was really inspired by Daniel Avakian’s latest collection his pieces are sophisticated and chic. I designed the look to complement his collection based on mostly neutral matte tones with a major focus on luminous raw skin. Before any makeup look is confirmed the designer will brief the makeup artist on their vision and then the makeup artist will design the look accordingly.
What were the key products you used to create the runway look for Daniel Avakian?

Advanced Genifique helped to create a youthful glow to the skin before the makeup application and also helps to provide hydration. We used Teint Miracle foundation to help improve the skin tone and create an aura of light on the surface of the skin.

The bronzer, Belle De Teint 04 bronzer, would have had to be one of the most essential products as I used it to sculpt and define the cheekbones and enhance the eye socket. For the eyes I used our latest mascara innovation, Grandiôse to open up the eye gaze and provide show-stopping lashes.

It’s been said that the key to creating a flawless beauty look is with great skin. What are some products you would recommend for us to use as a part of our skin care regime? Are there any that are a ‘must’ before applying makeup?

Yes! Beautiful makeup always starts with beautiful skin. Hydrated healthy skin is a must to creating the perfect complexion your makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath. I recommend starting with Advanced Genifique Youth Activator to activate youth protein and provide your skin with a healthy glow followed by the correct serum and moisturizer to target your skins needs.
As National makeup artist for Lancôme what are some of the questions you get asked all the time?

The question that I am getting asked most frequently lately is how to high light and contour. This is a big trend that has emerged and I think more and more people are becoming aware of contouring. It is amazing how using the power of shadow and light can completely change the appearance of your facial structure. I think contouring goes best when it goes unnoticed so I always show people how to high light with a matte bronzer to keep it looking natural. The one area I find most woman seem to have difficulties with is eye makeup, there are so many different colours, looks and techniques to use so I think eye makeup can almost be a little over whelming. My tip is to find something that works for you and compliments your colouring and eye shape. Once you are confident applying colour you can then experiment with something a little more sophisticated.
If there are 5 products every girl must have in their kit what would they be?

It is hard to name just 5 products when you are a makeup junkie! If I have to narrow it down to my 5 must have products at the moment would be Advanced Genifique, as you can used it everyday as apart of your skin care regime but also mix a small amount into foundation for extra luminosity. La Base Pro, it has the most amazing texture which leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and your complexion looking flawless. Miracle Cushion foundation, this product is yet to launch in Australia but is coming very soon. Miracle Cushion has an incredibly natural yet luminous finish and leaves your skin feeling refreshed with its cooling technology. Grandiôse mascara, the first mascara with a swan like neck to easily access all the lashes and simply the art of application. Belle De Teint Bronzer, this all over bronzer is the perfect shade to be used to contour the face and even can be used in the sockets of the eyes as a shadow.


What are some of the key trends you are seeing this upcoming season?

The biggest trend we are seeing emerge this year at fashion week is minimalistic raw beauty. Natural luminous skin is the focus of many looks with the appearance of looking like you are wearing no foundation. Accompanied by the use of light and shadow to create high light and contour to the skin. Eyes and lips are enhanced with minimal colour and we are seeing mostly matte neutral shades.


What’s the best part of being Lancôme’s National Makeup Artist?

The best part of my job is having the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with others. Each day is different, I can be either in the class room running a training, behind the camera filming a how to video, helping beauty editors write their columns or working on an in store event. One of the biggest highlights is having the opportunity to go to Paris each year and work and learn from the other National makeup artist from all over the world. I just recently returned from Paris where I had the opportunity to meet and learn from our Creative Director Lisa Eldridge, which was an amazing experience. I believe happiness is the most attractive form of beauty, so if I can put a smile on someone’s face from showing them a lip stick shade that makes their eyes pop or how to achieve something they through they could never do then I have done my job.

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