Getting to the hairdressers to get your hair touched up can sometimes be hard! So I was especially pleased to find this nifty product which is easy to use and effective. I’ve had grey hair since my late twenties and (fingers crossed) they’re mainly around my part and around the temple which isn’t that bad but can be a tad annoying when that silver catches your eye in the bathroom mirror! I’ve been using this in between visits to the colourist and it’s been great because the colour matches my hair really well and it’s got great wear (even after sleeping with it in my hair). The nozzle is thin and provides a light mist to cover your greys without it being heavy. It’s also great because you can direct it to particular areas and the radius is not too wide so you cover what you need to. My tip when using this is making sure you let it dry for a minute before you touch it. Once it’s dried, you’ll find you won’t have transfer issues!

Available at leading supermarkets, selected pharmacies and Priceline $15.99



Having spent many years reviewing and trying beauty products, I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend a lot to get great quality products. The new Maybelline New York Vivid Matte Liquid Lip colour is testament to that belief. The new lip colour has been formulated with double the pigments which means you get great colour as soon as you apply it to your lips and that colour stays. It dries matte but it didn’t mean my lips were dry. The formulation is great for hydration too meaning it just makes your lips luscious and luxe. For extra depth, add a few layers on to build colour or if you are looking for a bit of shine add some clear gloss or something like Maybelline Baby lips over the top. The applicator is angled and great for application.

Priced at $17.95 with 8 colours to choose from, you’d be hard pressed to find a colour you didn’t want! My fave for winter is Berry Boost!

Available at leading supermarkets, selected pharmacies and Priceline




This Winter has been particularly dry and windy so this multi-purpose dry oil has been a godsend. This cult beauty favourite is now available in Australia (I didn’t realise and discovered it whilst walking through Priceline) and if you’ve never used it and are looking for something to hydrate your body, face or hair, then this is your one stop shop product! The multi purpose oil nourishes and softens skin with its formulation that includes six precious plant oils. It absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving an oily residue, hydrating your skin almost immediately. I have used it religiously as of late to ward off dry skin on my body and also spritzed it into the ends of my hair to prevent split ends. It leaves a subtle scent that, for me, reminds me of Paris where I first tried this many moons ago! Each spray provides a good amount of coverage to skin without being too heavy!

Stockists include Priceline and Adore Beauty 


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