American Crew, the world’s leading men’s grooming brand, has revealed its latest collection, CREWCIAL, showcasing the key  trends in men’s styling. The three key styles, Baxter, Hugo and Sam, represent the American Crew man and simultaneously honour the classic and experimental groomers. The collection offers men and stylists the opportunity to express themselves without limitations, though a mix of bold shapes, sharp cuts and modern finishes.

American Crew “All-Star” Phoenix Thomson says CREWCIAL celebrates men by  renewing the concepts of ‘tradition’ and ‘trend’, demonstrating that sophisticated guys can have both a sleek work-week style and a relaxed weekend look with the same cut.

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The launch of the collection coincides with the latest American Crew product to hit the shelves, ‘Alternator’ – a styling spray that provides flexible hold and makes it possible to adjust or restyle the hair during the day.

“The polymer-based, flexible hold styling spray is the first product of its kind – Alternator allows men to apply the product once in the morning and create multiple looks throughout the day, without having to continuously add more product. So for men who want to change their look thought the day, all they have to do is run their hands through their hair.”

The CREWCIAL Collection hairstyles can be easily achieved and maintained using the newly launched Alternator, as well has American Crew’s Classic range including Boost Cream, Superglue and Defining Paste.

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Images courtesy of American Crew

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