It’s party and festival season with festivities a plenty. This usually means we’re overindulging in alcohol and not getting enough sleep! So what can we do to help with recovery? We’ve got three quick tips to help you keep partying this festive season.


1. Stay hydrated

Alcohol is a diuretic meaning you’re more likely to lose water as you head to the bathroom more often! If you don’t stay hydrated you’ll end up dehydrating which means a very quick end to your party or festival. Why is it important to stay hydrated? Water makes up approximately 60% of your body and when we become dehydrated our bodies do anything to hold onto water and starts to pull water out of cells to maintain function. One of the first places you’ll see this is in your skin – dry sunken areas under your eyes, dry lips and mouth. No one wants to see that at a party or festival so a way to stay hydrated and fight these symptoms and treat hydration is to take something like Hydralyte which is an oral hydration solution that can help to hydrate and help you wake up feeling fresh the next day.

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Hydralyte helps rehydrate more rapidly, helps retain water and electrolytes more efficiently and doesn’t contain the sugar and unnecessary calories that can be found in other drinks like sport drinks or some coconut waters. Available in effervescent tablets, sachets, mini bottles and ice blocks, it’s a definite must have this festive season to help you look and feel your best.


 2. Take Vitamins
You’re not only losing water when you drink more alcohol, you’re also losing essential vitamins that help you function. Taking Vitamin B supplements can help to restore some of the key B group vitamins that you need for energy and metabolism. Swisse Ultiboost Mega B+ or Berocca will help lift your vitamin levels.
3. Make sure you eat before your party
The best way to help prevent or lessen the pain of too much drinking is to ensure that you have food in your stomach before you drink. The absorption of alcohol is slower if there is food in your stomach and thus, the more food you have in your stomach the slower the alcohol will enter your blood stream. You don’t have to have a greasy meal, just make sure that you have something in your stomach before and during your party/festival and you’ll be coming up trumps the next day.

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